Hi, I’m a Mac. And a PC.

About two months ago I won a brand new shiny Macbook from an online contest. (I know, jealousy abounds, blah blah. I was just at the right place at the right time.)
Given that I previously used a Dell laptop approximately the size of a tortoise I became a Mac even before the sweet strains of Mac email alerts even started up. (WHOOSH!)

While looking around and being involved in this Vivienne Tam campaign I’m noticing a lot of you Macs out there considering coming over to the dark side the HP Mini. Even my web designer who claims there’s better ways to die than work on a PC admits he would like an HP Mini.

I’m here to tell all of you loyal Macs who covet the HP mini…it’s okay. Your mac will forgive you.

mac and PC for world peace.

While I carry an enormous purse that can fit my Macbook, it’s not always uh, smart. It’s not very often that I have to sit down and make movies or edit photos when I’m out and about. I do however have to check email. And forums, and blogs and I have to write on my own blog. Sometimes I want to chat with my mom through Skype.

I’ve come to accept the fact that 90% of my work life happens online, and if online isn’t accessible? Uh, sadly enough I don’t have much of a work life.

The only thing I’d transfer from my Macbook to my HP Mini? The new Mac glass trackpad.

And it wouldn’t hurt if my Macbook was red with purple peonies all over it, maybe my husband would touch it less.

Whatever, he loves this little red jewel.


5 responses to “Hi, I’m a Mac. And a PC.

  1. More ways for me to blogstalk you!
    You little red Macbook is hawt but my red Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is hotter.

    Also? If Cody can help me think of a name for my Lenovo, let me know.

  2. …or sometimes the moosh and the moo want to shriek at each other over Skype…

  3. have you named your macbook? mine is stella, mainly because it’s what i’d like to name a kid someday but probably never will. all of my “out-there” names are wasted on electronics, unfortunately.

    also, i like this site. i will totally trust you 100% šŸ™‚

  4. This is too funny! I personally lose my mind everytime I try to do something on a PC. So I don’t. My macbook pro is not so huge that it is hard to transport, I just don’t so much. Altho I am thinking of making a nice bag to replace my green one my mom got me for it.

  5. My heart beats fast every time I look at a Macbook…that was until I laid my eyes on the VT hp mini. Now, that has made me do a total turn around . I LOVE the design of that little hp. It is a diva tech girl’s dream come true.

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