You deserve a pretty laptop. Here’s why.

While on a conference call with HP the topic of price difference between the regular HP Mini 1000 and the Vivienne Tam Edition came up. And to put the answer as bluntly as possible?
Yes it costs more because was designed by Vivienne Tam herself.
And Vivienne Tam is a big deal.
I’m going to interrupt this post here to say that within three minutes of pulling Vivienne out at my hair appointment, four people have complimented me on it. (Like I had anything to do with how pretty it is, if anything I’m getting my hair done to match the pretty of this little thing.)
There was concern among some of the other reviewers that this notebook was being marketed for fashion and not for function.
It is.
For as fashionable an accessory the Vivienne Tam Mini is, it is equally as functional. HP figured out functionality before they built on appearance. The keyboard is 92% the size of a regular keyboard. The track pad has all the features of a full sized track pad. It has a built in webcam, microphone and great speakers. The battery life is substantial depending on your use. It is fast, waaay faster than my PC laptop at home. It stays cool and quiet. Blah blah blah, techie stuff techie stuff techie stuff.
The point is, it works, and it works really well.
It just happens to also be very, very unique. And shiny. So shiny.
Imagine if you just had your toes painted the most brilliant glossy color of red.
That’s what it looks like. And feels like.
I’m not a fashion maven, there are others using the VT Mini who are. I’m also not a techie, again, there are other women who are using it that are techies. And we can all agree on one thing, it’s a fantastic little machine.
For many of you this would be a luxury item, you would  need to have a unique lifestyle not to qualify it as such. If you have kids, think of the amount of things we as parents purchase because of how they look. Sure the red Dixie cups would work just as well as the ones with Cinderella or Thomas the Train on them, but many of us pay the two dollar difference for the cups that will  make our child more excited for their birthday party.
The cups are will be thrown away.
A laptop is an investment.
How many times do we pay an extra dollar for the striped placemat instead of the plain one? The extra soft toilet paper instead of the one ply?  For cheese on your burger? A side of soup?
All things that won’t last. That won’t get used over and over.
If there’s a  secret part of you that wants to ask for a shiny, glossy, red laptop with purple peonies and gold lettering for Valentine’s Day or your birthday? Ask. You deserve things that you get more excited about what you  love to do too.


6 responses to “You deserve a pretty laptop. Here’s why.

  1. I SO want this!! I first saw it on Mommy Track’d, a working mom’s web site that I write for, and I fell in LURVE with it. I’m so glad to see a good review. Now, how to decide whether to buy it? I’m feeling cheap right now and I don’t need one.

    But OH I WANT!

  2. It’s so pretty I could cry just looking at it. Want.

  3. Oh my. That is one gorgeous netbook. I must figure out how to make it mine.

  4. Goodness gracious, yes. Want. So want. My laptop broke last year (my beloved HP that I got at a “day after Thanksgiving” Walmart steal) and I’ve been heartbroken ever since. Especially since when the lappie died, I lost all my pics from there, then the PC crapped out and I lost all my pics and files from there.

    Please yes. Please send me the pretty?

  5. Jealous? Yep. I’ll admit it. I don’t even have a laptop let alone something that gorgeous. I entered to win one. I feel good about it!

  6. I sat at a table with you at Blissdom (hi! didn’t want to interrupt your convo) and I was coveting this little beauty out of the corner of my eye the entire time. Seriously. Love. My hubby is a computer geek by trade and scoffs anytime I use the words “but it is so pretty” when speaking of technology I want to own. Sigh…I don’t think I’ll ever convince him that it is more than a pretty face.

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