M&M’s Premiums, not your daddy’s beans.

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In high school we had this really lame way of asking people to dances. You had to somehow hide your name in something with a theme and sneak your masterpiece to the askee without them knowing. 

His name was Jay.

I wanted so badly to ask him to fall fling. With it being my first time asking I knew I had to impress him with my asking skills, because he was like, so way, like, out of my league. (Oy, high school.)

I bought three huge bags of Starburst candies, opened five and put a letter of my name on each. I then sealed them back up, put a star sticker on EVERY SINGLE STARBURST, wrapped them in a box with the words “You’d better thank your lucky stars someone wants to ask you to fall fling. Search the stars to find out who I am.”

GAH! With the cheese right?

I had the football coach leave it in his locker for him to find after practice. I figured a room full of boys could make pretty quick work of 500 tiny wrapped candies.

Long story short, he found out who I was, said yes in an equally cheesy manner and we went to the dance and most definitely did NOT live happily ever after.

The end.

However, with the Starburst Prom of ’01 began my long history of telling people things with food. Do you remember the Full House episode where Becky tries to tell Uncle Jesse she’s pregnant with a dinner of BABY carrots, BABY corn and BABY back ribs? I may have tried to do something like that but just as Uncle Jesse was oblivious, my husband would have been even more so.

When M&M’s came out with customizable beans (side note, in our house M&M’s are called daddy beans by my four year old) the thought crossed my mind that I could someday tell him I was pregnant by way of his favorite melt in your mouth not in your hand snack.


I love the man, but he’d never notice. He’d shovel them in so fast he’d have no time to taste them let alone read them.

So tell me, have you ever told anyone anything through food? Was it a success or a complete flop?

Oh, why should you tell me?

Because M&M’s outdid themselves with their new line of chocolates, M&M’s Premiums.  Five flavors, five colors and nom nom nom. M&M’s and BlogHer want to give you a chance to try all five, and they’re so confident that they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium (okay so I say they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium) they’re also going to include two martini glasses and some wine charms to go along with your chocolates. 


M&M's Premiums Prize Pack

With my blog as my witness I will never serve Jordan Almonds again.
The prettiest M I ever did see.
They’re metallic, shiny, marbled, amazing.

If they didn’t stand the chance of melting I would make a necklace out of them.

They’re bigger than regular M&M’s, and (sorry Mars, I’m sure you already know this) soo way better. The Raspberry Almond? Huminah. The Mint? Oh, baby. Mocha? Oy. Triple chocolate (YES, THREE LAYERS OF CHOCOLATE IN ONE BEAN) I’m speechless. Then there’s the almond, sorry Peanut M&M’s you’ve been schooled.

Put a bowl of regular M&M’s next to finger food at a cocktail party and you’re going to look a little silly. Put a bowl of M&M’s premiums next to your bacon wrapped asparagus? People are going to think you have connections with the Chocolate Gods.

So tell me. How to you talk through food? Because I want you to win these so they can talk to all your friends and have them say “This lady (or dude) has GOOD taste.”

To enter, leave me a comment below and share your story – or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Monday, February 9th, and will end Sunday, February 15th at 11:59 p.m (PST). Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct. (E-mail address will remain private.)
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  1. “The contest will begin at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Monday, February 15th, and will end Sunday, February 15th at 11:59 p.m (PST). ”

    When is the contest, its says Monday, the 15th adn Sunday the 15th?

  2. mooshbuysandtries

    WHOOPS! My review date moved at the last second and my brain didn’t move with it. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Honestly, I’ve never thought about telling someone something through food. I’d be afraid they would eat it, wouldn’t get the message and I would have done all that work for nothing!

  4. I’ve never spoken through food. But my husband has given me giant boxes of raspberry truffles to speak to ME through food, which totally got my attention. And my endless affection.

    So the chocolate raspberry ones I will clearly tell him about for Valentine’s Day. He’ll be happy to go to the drugstore instead of the mall!

  5. Valentine’s Day is a big “talk with food” holiday for us. I’ve ordered chocolate Wii-Mii’s, custom candy hearts, written cutesy words on cakes and cupcakes.

  6. I’m sure I wrote something on a cake or cookie once. But it was probably very generic, like, Happy Birthday. I don’t waste such sentiments on men 🙂

  7. I wrote “I love you” on a cake for my husband for our anniversary. It was my first Key Lime Pie.

  8. I buy my husband a bag of starburst for every holiday and random acts of kindness in between times. He keeps them in his nightstand drawer and has one or two every night. I’ve never thought about leaving messages on the wrappers but I’m thinking it now….

  9. I don’t think I’ve actually ever told anyone something through food. I’ve wanted to, I’m sure. I’ve definitely wanted to get the customizable M&Ms, but practicality + sugar addiction won out — they’re so much more expensive than regular M&Ms that I knew it would be best to just get regular ones so I could eat more.

  10. I did some rather embarrassing talking through cupcakes when I was in high school.

  11. I’ve never done this, but I’ve heard the story about how my in-laws had a big dinner and made a puzzle with candy hearts (that they had written on) that said We’re Pregnant or something like that. And they finally had to tell the parents what they said because they couldn’t figure it out!

  12. I have never talked using food, but I think it would be a good idea to do something simple like that for my 4 year old granddaughter. She always goes to my pantry looking for M&M’s that I sometimes stash there.

  13. I think I talk through food simply by trying to always serve something a little different and special. Always fresh and well prepared!
    But a talking story is this:
    I was the Manager of a law office, having about 20 lawyers who I “took care of”. I’d always stop for bakery on birthdays and anniversaries.
    When Valentine’s Day would approach, I’d but the Conversation Hearts and leave them all around the office, on desks, chairs, next to computer monitors, you get the idea! I always would use the flirtatious ones for whoever I was interested in at the time! It was an innocent way to flirt.

  14. I actually said something through food today. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and for the last one I made it a little larger and shaped like a heart. Of course that one was for my wonderful husband of 25 years to enjoy! He did, and got the “I LOVE YOU” message clearly.

    The rest of the cookies will be mailed to my youngest in college in Minnesota; and our newly-married son and daughter in law in Ohio as she’s getting over a very bad cold.

    The boys remember coming home from school to a pan of these cookies coming out of the oven saying the very same thing!!

  15. I’ve never asked anyone anything through food, BUT I do enjoy eating food! Also, I turn 21 next month so it’s the perfect time for martini glasses!

  16. Vickie Robertson

    Back when my husband and I were still high school sweethearts I got the cute, cheesy idea to make him a Valentine’s day card one time. So I used this thick paper and cut out hearts, used calligraphy to the best of my meger ability, even making one heart pop out. It so looked like the work of a 5 year old! Inside I glued the candy hearts with the messages “Be Mine”, “Sweetheart”, etc that those hearts have on them. Cheesy, yes I know. But cheesy won in my case cause these high school sweethearts are still together 12 years later!
    Years after this my husband paid me back but with better food. I love the chocolate chip pizza at Pizza Inn. My husband, not very good at gifts, got one for the first birthday I had after we got married. He went to the grocery store and bought a tube of icing and wrote “Happy Birthday! I Love You Angel!” Yet again cheesy but very good when eaten!!!

  17. When we learned I was pregnant with our first child, we decided to wait to tell my husbands family until everyone was together for Easter. We made each person an Easter goodie bag, then wrote “Happy Easter Grandpa” Aunt Karen, Cousin Christopher etc. It took them all a few moments to get it (some of them never did), but there was much rejoicing when everyone finally got it!

  18. I tell people I either love them or not thru food…if I love you, I will cook endless wonderful things for you. And with my ex, I stopped cooking for him, though we lived together, and let him survive on Lean Cuisines. He should have gotten the hint.

  19. My friend and I wanted to ask these two guys to winter ball (who were also friends with each other). We decided to cook them dinner and ask them during dessert. We found a plastic heart container and wrote notes that we put inside the container and attempted to bake the container in a cake. Besides the bulge it made in the cake (that we covered with frosting) it turned out pretty well. We had to convince the boys that they needed to cut the cake to find a surprise. It was messy, but they said yes.

  20. I’ve never tried to say anything with food, I don’t think I could be creative enough to think of a way to describe my intent.

  21. Each of my boys has a favorite dish that I make for supper. So I re-named the dish after that child. For example, Nathan’s Fettucine Alfredo. When that son needs some encouragement or as a special reward, I make that dish and the family meal becomes a reminding event that he is valued in our family.
    And M&M’s–yes, they always talk to me. What a fun giveaway!

  22. Does telling people things with food in your mouth count? Because I did that all the time!

    I was asked to a dance by a boy who left Hershey Kisses all over my porch with a note that said know that I have kissed the ground you walk on will you go to the Prom with me. But I didn’t answer him with food.

    And I never would tell anyone anything with M&Ms because I would then have to surrender the M&Ms!

  23. I love Peanut M&Ms but haven’t been able to convince myself that the premiums are worthy of the price tag. Hmmm…might have to rethink that.

    I tell my hubby that I love and appreciate him with food. It is so wrong but when I am feeling really good toward him I cook him yummy things that will shorten his life (good food tends to not be so heart healthy). I need to find better ways to show my appreciation but making him run a lap because I love him doesn’t seem logical.

  24. My favorite food is peanut dark chocolate yum yums – that is what we call them! And, I totally tell things through food – my son had a candy bar birth announcement, and I often write dumb poems on candy bars and stick them in my daughter’s locker. I think food is meant to convey meaning and fun. We did the custom ones for a baby shower and it was a HUGE hit!

  25. Viva Smarties indeed. Hmph. We have M and M’s here too ya know. Sigh.

  26. Pancakes with their names written in syrup and fun shapes… makes the morning extra sweet for our children!
    0n occasion, have a special night where our kids pick a color or a letter from the alphabet and everything for that meal is that color or begins with that letter, just for fun. It is a fun way to see how creative they can be.
    We love M&M’s, but we would love to try these new M&M Premiums. It would be a “real” treat that I think we all would enjoy!

  27. I LOVE to try anything new, when it comes to candy especially. I love being the one to introduce something new to all my friends and family…”have you tried….they are amazing” “don’t waste your money on……not good” etc. etc.
    I LOVE CANDY and the new premium m&m’s are delish!!! I LOVE the MINT ones!!!

    How on earth do you get a job like sampling a huge box of candy???

  28. This has me thinking of the movie “Gigi”, where the aunt is teaching Gigi to be a high-price call girl and one of the lessons is how to talk through your food while chewing but not show any masticating gobs. That’s how a lady talks through food!

    I’ve been known to cut up sandwiches in hearts and serve dinners naked. Obv. one of those was for my kids, the other for the dude.

  29. When I was pregnant and had a migraine Shwan bought me coffee ice cream, the good kind, a 20 oz Pepsi, and a bottle of Tylenol. If I hadn’t already been in ,ove with him, I would have ben at that point.

  30. showingoffmyassets

    My husband gave me my engagement ring that we had ordered and I knew was coming soon but did not know the exact date. He called me one night told me he was working late and would come by after that. I had made a pot roast and potatoes in my crock pot for dinner. He got home and I knew he liked roast alot. I have always tried to show him I love him by making his favorite foods. He came in with a box of chocolates and said that a vendor left them and no one took them. Of course he knew even before dinner I would rip into that box. I looked in and saw that one was missing and ate one. I looked in the spot that had the chocolate missing and there was my engagement ring. He then asked me to marry him over the pot roast so for us food has a way of communicating in our house!

  31. First off…how the heck did i miss the memo on these bad boys!! Wow…i’m like the president of the chocoholic club…dang it…too many kids.

    What a clever idea girl! My hubby loves food (so do i) so this is easy for us. But one specific time i remember being on the receiving end of it from him…. it was our anniversary and we have 5 kids so it’s hard to get away, but he went to 4 of my favorite restaurants and fast food places and bought me my favorite food…. appetizers, drinks, main course and dessert. he brought it home, set it up on dishes in the dining room w/ candles everything in my favorite colors. Used my favorite dishes…he even wore my favorite shirt. It was all about MY favorites….then he started playing my favorite music…at the time i was in love w/ Kenny Chesney and by then i realized it was all about me and what i loved….and then he gave me tickets to the concert. so i think it was a total success! i loved it!

  32. My husband and I have many foods that are meaningful. We can’t have duck, for instance, without being reminded of the duck he planned to prepare for me on our first date, except that I insisted on going out to dinner (how could I have known he cooked?). Okonomiyaki brings us back to our early days in Japan (I made it last for his 40th birthday). Sashimi always says “I love you,” well, if you are me anyway. =)

  33. About the best I can manage to say through food is that I’m trying my darndest not to inadvertently poison them. Because my cooking is… uh….

    Just pas the M$M’s. ‘Cause I’m telling you – that does look really good to me right now! Can not WAIT to try them!

  34. I’ve only ever talked through food by buying things that I know someone I’m sweet on will really enjoy, especially if it really says that I was thinking about him based on how well I know him.

  35. I like to talk through food during the holidays. To make a delicious meal with many special touches speaks love and happiness to me.

  36. Let me tell you how I grease the skids. After 17 years together, I know that look my husband gives me when I’m going to Target. It’s the look that says “oh please, baby..the mortgage is due this week..please don’t overdraft the checking account again”. Time and time again, I throw caution to the wind and tuck the checkbook under my arm. I’m quite sure while I’m gone he stares blankly at the tv wondering if he’ll be able to snag overtime this week to pay for my shopping junket. And when I come home, dragging bags into the house like a lion with her kill, I always make sure the first thing I unpack is the bag of candy I threw in the cart to ease the pain when he sees the Target receipt. It’s really tough to be ticked at someone who just handed you chocolate.

  37. My food tells my family how much I love them! Food is a love language for me!

    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

  38. I love giving my boyfriend chocolate on Valentine’s day with a silly card attached to it. It always has to be a heart. It a sign from me that I love him and he is my world. Not to mention to remind him how “sweet” I am. Get it? Chocolate? Sweet? Me? Humm…well he likes it. 🙂 And I LOVE that episode of Full House. I think Becky was on to something, just sometimes men can be hardheaded. I guess that’s when we ladies need to KISS…Keep It Simple Sweetie. 😉


  39. MMMMM Can you ship them to the UK? I don’t think they sell these here! I’ve never said anything with food other than the obvious- eat up while it’s still hot subtext of anything I’ve ever cooked.

  40. So I speak through food to a lady at work….she walks in a room talking, and I can smell (from across the room) her breath reeking of coffee and cigarettes. I offer her gum, or candy, or mints at least 3 times a week. I don’t think she gets it.

    Side note: Mara LOVES m&m’s. We eat them in popcorn, pancakes, oatmeal…anything. I stocked up on the Christmas colors during the holiday to spice things up a little….Don’t tell her if I win because she’s not getting any of these. 🙂

  41. I always make goodies to take to work, church, and make a meal for someone who is ill. It’s such a wonderful way of expressing love and serving one another without having to say a word. And who doesn’t love to try homemade goodies at a potluck. Every potluck I’ve been too, the people who bring the store bought stuff…always take home a full package.

  42. I bake cakes so I use cooking to tell people things all the time. M&M’s are my husband’s all time favorite, so this would be an awesome little surprise for him. Of course I might have to eat just a couple of them..

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  44. On Inauguration Day this year, I attended a lunch party where I took “Obama Brownies.” I carved the letters spelling “Obama” in the tops of the brownies and sprinkled red and blue sugar sprinkles in the letters. I arranged them all on a white plate, and they looked very patriotic and pretty when I was done. The inspiration?? I felt guilty/silly taking brownies made from a box and thought I should fancy them up. 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway. I LOVE M&Ms and these look fabulous.

  45. My future husband asked me to marry him with a ring stuck in a chocolate covered strawberry! It was presented to me by a waiter at a beautiful restaurant – love it.

  46. I made cupcakes for my first boyfriend in high school that read, “Happy Birthday, Craig!” Each cupcake had a different letter.

    I hid them in his locker.

    But, we were living in a country on the equator – which is, like, insanely hot and humid.

    By the time I got him to open his locker, the letters were melted and sliding off the cupcakes.

    Giant FAIL.

  47. the only way that I have talked through food was making letters with pancake batter for my kids when they were little

  48. I love to write things on my kids food. At Christmas time I bought the food pens and now I hide hearts and letters and even my kindy’s site word in their food. The kiddos get a kick out of it.

  49. Love Chocolate! I don’t think I’ve ever done anything “cheesy” with food though.

  50. Mint & Raspberry ~ in M&M’s?!?!?! Me likey!

    I wanted to do the pregnancy reveal in M&M’s too … I just couldn’t get them ordered & delivered before I blurted out the news. Oops.

    When we got pregnant with Noodle I wanted to follow up the announcement with a “PREGNANT!” announcment cake for the grandparents. I envisioned a big chocolate cake/chocolate icing and written in pink piped icing … but then I got my first dose of morning sickness & didn’t eat again for 39 weeks. Good times.

  51. I always make my husband’s favorite meal for his birthday, we always grill steaks on Vday and when we celebrates something as a family, we make a big box of Shells & Cheese!

  52. I’ve never sent a food message. But right now, I’m thinking about a cake that says, “Please send me some M&Ms.”

  53. Camels & Chocolate

    Um, my blog title has CHOCOLATE it in. I think that says enough =)

    Also, after reading so many BlogHer reviews about these little nuggets of joy, I went out and bought the mint variety and was NOT disappointed. I wouldn’t mind sampling them all…for the good of the Internet, of course 😉

  54. I cook for people. People that I love, people that I know that need a homecooked meal, people that I don’t know that I will never meet who are celebrating or mourning or in need. I wish I knew better how to describe the joy it gives me to make a meal for another family and give them a night off. The relief it gave me, and my family, when my grandmother was dying and someone made meals for us. The reminder of how connected we all are, and how simple and easy it is to be kind and thoughtful of others. Everyone can use a little kindness. So I cook.

    I manage a group of technical support folks and I bake for them, randomly – peanut butter cup brownies, with the peanut butter cups spelling out how great I think they are, cupcakes with their names on them, macaroon hedgehogs with their initials. In this economy, with all the constraints on what we’re allowed to do for employees? I’m surprised I haven’t gotten in trouble yet.

  55. I was decorating a cake for my sister’s graduation and went to write “Happy Graduation” on the top. I wrote neat and slow and with my best “I have a college degree and teaching license” handwriting, and when I stood back, the cake read “Happy Gaduation.” I forgot the letter R!! I think my mother took more pictures of the messed up cake than of my sister in her cap and gown.

    I was never really any good at spelling in the first place….

  56. I think the most I’ve ever done with food is say “Happy Birthday” on a cake. Oh and eat green M&M’s in front of my guy so he knew exactly what kinda mood I was in. 😉

  57. How do I talk through food? My mom always said not to talk with my mouth full! 🙂 (See also my comment on your other blog about the sandwich)

  58. Man, I’m not nearly as creative. The only food-oriented declaration that comes to mind is writing clever things on poorly-baked cakes as a teenager. Nine times out of ten the recipient couldn’t even read what I wrote (icing is a lot tougher medium than your run of the mill Sharpie). No Gran’ma it doesn’t say “Happy Gwerzulbacher Dog”. The Gwerzulbachers don’t even have a dog.

    I’m having a hard time believing there is something out there to put my peanut M&Ms to shame, so prove it!

  59. I’ve never told anyone anything through food… except maybe merry christmas because that was my dad’s christmas present last year. A HUUUUGE bag of starbursts. Which he loves. He gave me a bag of all pink (my favorite) starbursts for a graduation present. Apparently he saved them from his last three (!) bags, cause some of them were kind of chewy. But it’s the thought that counts!?

  60. I’ve had the mint ones and they are GLORIOUS! One year for Christmas, my best friend gave out Swedish Fish with little notes that said “I fish you a merry Christmas!” GROAN.

  61. My high school was similar with asking people to dances. I once found the smallest elbow macaroni I could and rolled up tiny pieces of paper with words on them that made the sentence “Will you go to the dance with me?” I got to this boy’s house to put them all over his room, and there was A LOT, only to find out he had shag carpet! Did that stop me? No way! So later that night, he had to first find them all within the tall blades of orange shag carpet and then crunch each one to find these tiny papers. He ended up finding “Will…go…to…dance…with…” and just said yes. I found out two years later at graduation, he was still finding little elbow macaroni in his room.

  62. I can’t think of anything off hand that I specifically did with food to make a message but my 9 year old did last year around Valentines. He was just finishing up his spaghetti and decided to shape the rest of it in to a heart for me to see as I was doing the dishes. I thought it was sweet and then I scraped it into the trash.

  63. The only messages I’ve ever sent were written on candy wrappers – you know, special occasion wrapped around a Hershey bar.

  64. I made a cake in the shape of an island before we went on our honeymoon to Hawaii. I had suprised him by picking the place, and he loved the surprise!

  65. I’m not creative AT ALL — writing on a cake was about as far as I think I could possibly go !!!

  66. It’s fun to food shop for my husband and surprise him every once in a while by getting some lactose-free ice cream (the Breyer’s stuff is sometimes hard to find), or traipsing to umpteen stores to find his favorite flavor of Power Bar so he can bring it to a fencing tournament.

    In return, he likes to bake for me. For my birthday, he made a cake from scratch, and unfortunately, he didn’t have time to make the frosting, so he took M&M’s and wrote “Happy B-Day” with them on the cake. It was mighty tasty, I tell ya!

  67. We’ve spent more time turning our food into silly pictures on our plates – faces are our favorites. Lunchbox messages on the new M&M’s might be next!

  68. I LURVE me some peanut butter m and m’s….

  69. I have arranged my daughter’s name using vegetables, to get her to eat more – it always works! Thanks for the contest.

  70. I communicate through food figuratively, not literally. For holidays or special events, I search and search for that one special something that will make that particular meal memorable. We entertain a lot, and even have “family dinner” at our house once a week, where we gather with friends, take turns cooking a dish, and share a meal while we catch up on how everyone’s week is going.

    I communicate through M & Ms specifically already- we are potty training. Need I say more?

  71. Oooh, pretty. I’ve never said anything with food, but one of my high school boyfriends did, for my 16th birthday. He carefully cracked open a walnut so both halves of the shell were perfectly intact. Then, he put a lovely bracelet inside and glued the shell halves back together. He gave it to me wrapped with a nutcracker. Cool, huh? (If only some of my grown-up boyfriends could be that romantic!)

  72. Yipee! Those sound so so so good! I love M&M’s and so does everyone else in my house (I’ll have to hide them). =) The best way for me to show love is with food. Bringing dinner to a friend who just had a baby, a neighbor who could use a night off, making sweet treats with my 3 year old (who loves to snack on chocolate chips while I mix up the cookies). Food = love. Unfortunately I don’t have any fun, cheesy stories such as yours. We weren’t nearly so creative where I grew up! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  73. The only talking I’ve done through food is to quick-like drop a packet of sugar on the floor and then tell my roommate, “Oh, hey… you dropped your nametag.” So cheesy, but super fun.

  74. They say a picture says a thousand words so for my 1 year wedding anniversary (8-5-07) I ordered m&m’s with a pic of my hubs on the day he proposed and a pic of me on our first date. I also wrote something on them that neither me or my husband remember because were such gluttons we gobbled up all those delicious m&m’s and forgot the very meaningful words I so reverently had printed on them lol. 🙂

  75. Well, I cook for people to tell them I love them. But I’ve never sent a food missive. Except for all those birthday cakes I’ve made by hand and written messages on. Do they count? And YUMM to these little tasties.

  76. The only time I have ever literally used food to “talk” was when I planned the birthday parties for my old office. I would ask people what kind of cake they wanted, and one guy said cupcakes so I bought a bunch of cupcakes and spelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY J.P.!” with a letter on each one. It was pretty cute.

    Non-literally, I like making food for people I like. I stress out about making things perfect and impressing them!

  77. Other than decorating a cake I’ve never spelled anything out in food. However, my husband always gets food of some sort for every gift giving occassion. When my mom would travel she would always shop at the local grocery for his souvenirs.

  78. I, myself, have never tried to communicate through food. However, my sister-in-law and hubbs told their parents they were prego by mixing pickles and some other oddity into ice cream and taking it to them for dessert. Something to the effect of weird prego lady cravings, something I know nothing about, but find amusing. Creative way to spread the word I suppose.

    I’ve seen those fabulous looking M&M’s at the store, they look divine. Now I know they truly are… may have to pick myself up a bag or two… or 3… 4…

  79. I’ve never communicated through food other then writing Happy Birthday on a cake. I do make food for my friends when they are in need like when they have a new baby, have surgery, etc. My hubby makes pancake shapes for my son and I.

  80. When I found out I was pregnant for the first time I told my husband by leaving a Baby Ruth candy bar with my pregnancy test sitting on top where he would find it.

  81. I’ve been known as one of the worst cooks ever, but my baking skills more then make up for my lack of culinary skills.

    Lately I’ve found a love for making home made bread, not in a machine the old fashioned way. Nothing says lovin like coming into a home and smelling the aroma of fresh baked bread, especially on a cold winters day.

    Our neighbors do so many wonderful things for us, that I started sharing with them also. Before the bread cools off, I’m at their door with the goodies so they too can enjoy the lingering scent of days gone by when grandma use to make everything homemade. 🙂

  82. I speak with food by occasionally allowing my kids to get special “treats” when we re at Disney World. These are things I wouldn’t normally buy or I can’t stand to see or smell. DS#1 loves Disney’s turkey legs and it makes me gag to watch him eat it!

  83. I don’t think I’ve ever spelled anything out with food, but I always use food to say thank you – to the neighbors, the mailman, teachers, friends, etc. And food certainly speaks to me. I love to eat, especially chocolate.

  84. I’ve never communicated through food that I can remember – too cheesy for me but then again, I’m just not that kind of gal! 🙂 but I love to eat chocolate.

  85. For Valentine’s Day on Saturday, all of my gifts are food. I say I love you through the food I cook and gifts I give.

  86. My food always says I LOVE YOU!! Because it is made with love. Cooking for me is a passion. I always love to try new things!! You’ve heard the way to a mans stomach is through his heart?? It’s true, just look at my hubby’s tummy!! LOL


  87. My husband and I say I love you! every week on Monday and Thursday with food, well with making food. 🙂 We have “Panini Monday” and “Taco Thursday!” It not only helps me with the grocery list on Sunday (I only need to figure out 2-3 days worth of meals) but we can cook together and enjoy each others company for that bit of time each week. We developed this right after we got married and it just kind of stuck.

    Oh and ice cream. I share my ice cream with my husband… now that’s love!

  88. Honestly, I can only relate with Carla on this season of Top Chef…. “I put a lotta love into my food, and even if it isn’t quite right, I want you to feel the love comin’ thru” (or something like that).

    Never thought of “spelling” anything out, other than with the little conversation hearts….. but now that the idea is stuck in my head, who knows what I’ll create tomorrow….

  89. I’ll readily admit that I’m not much of a cook. Baking is more my thing. Every year without fail I make a Creme de Menthe cake for St. Patrick’s Day. I like to say that I do it to celebrate my Irish heritage, but the truth is that it’s the only legitimate excuse I have for making a mint flavored cake with chocolate chips! My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. I never thought of altering the recipe, but today I’m considering adding the mint flavored M & M’s as a topping. Hmm….

  90. I taught my daughter about food communication at an early age. She was 6 and she was home with a sore throat. We used Alpha-Bits cereal and M&M’s to spell messages to each other. It was fun and a great spelling lesson for her!!

  91. While at work we were having a department team building lunch and activities. Along with the activities was a cake decorating contest between departments, where the director would ask us questions about what the different departments (what we do or achievements thro-out the year) and with each correct answer we could go pick something from the decorating table, the more you knew the better off you were. After all the questions were done you could decorate the cakes, our team made a cake out of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, and sprinkles… Of course we won the contest I like to say we knew a lot, everyone else just thought we were in there business.

  92. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to use food as a message medium, except in maybe cooking things people like to show I love them.

  93. I tend to show my love and appreciation for people thru food – I have a knack for knowing what dish will evoke what feeling in people.

  94. When I make a sheet cake or a batch of cupcakes , before serving I frost a design on them. Every morning when my husband comes down for breakfast, there is a corresponding picture for whatever the occasion is. If it is Valentine’s day, I make a heart out of frosting on his dessert. If it is his birthday, I design a candle out of frosting. If I just want to say I love you, I put a Hersey Kiss on his slice of dessert. I could go on and on!

  95. I destress by baking and creating, and do make meals for others and taking as an expression I care

  96. My job entails cooking and giving out food samples so it gives me a way to meet people by handing out food samples

  97. When my three daughters were little I used Alpha Bits cereal to write messages
    in their bowls.

  98. ido mit all the time you get use to it .its not a science

  99. Me and my cousins used to hide in the cornfield and yell at people driving down the road. I don’t know if yelling through cornstalks counts as “talking through food”, but it’s all I got…maybe mumbling with my mouth full.

  100. I love to cook. I don’t live with my girlfriend so when she is coming over I will search recipies to find something that says I made this just for you.

  101. A former boyfriend (when I was young and single) hid a delicate “promise ring” in a piece of my favorite flavor of pie, which I choked on, but luckily did not swallow!

  102. Elizabeth Duncan

    Before you could get one color M&M’s it took me 3 large bags just to get enough for “green” for my boyfriend at the time .

  103. I tell my family I love them thru food every time I cook them a special dinner made with their favorites.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  104. I baked a strawberry cake for my husband. It’s his favorite and he knows that I had never baked one before. That sent a message.

  105. Alicia Webster

    If my food could talk to the people who visit this house, it would say, “Please help us ! This lady has no idea how to cook and humiliates us on a daily basis. We shouldn’t have to suffer like this ! Take us to a house where someone there has some culinary skill to speak of !!!” If I win the M & M package, presumably they would be thinking, “Hey–why does all the food around here look so gloomy?”
    Alicia Webster

  106. Nothing says I love you to your family as M&M chocolate chip cookies, served warm and delicious

  107. I actually never thought about food and messages going together. I think it’s a great idea and should try that sometime. Would be fun to spell something out like you did with the candy. I think the most I ever did was put a heart on a peanut butter sandwich.

  108. paige chandler

    I would pay $13 for a chocolate bar if I was flown to Brussells to pick it up.

  109. I bought my husband a big chocolate fish for Valentines Day—he loves going fishing

  110. I speak through food by making sure my family is always well fed via a healthy but delicious meal, every morning, noon, and night. They know that mama cooking means she loves them and looks after their needs. Call it old fashioned, if you wish, but my family loves that about me, and I love doing it.

  111. Carolyn Nedrow

    They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! I remember quite a few occasions baking brownies and cookies to attract someone of the opposite sex hoping for something more. They appreciated the baked goods and that was about all!!!

  112. Yes…..I often talk through food! You should taste some of the meals I made my husband when I was angry…….no special touches or garnishes for sure!! On the flip side, I put together some really delicious dishes when I’m happy!

  113. Just the birthday cake. I’m single so it was from my brother. Very thoughtful of him :o)

  114. Barbara Puskas

    I tell my family I love them with their favorite m&ms!

  115. I’ve never done it, but one of my kids tried to tell me about becoming a grandmother by giving me 100 Grand Bars everyday for a week. While I certainly thought it was strange, I just didn’t get the message. I spoiled it for them.

  116. When my kids were small and picky eaters, I tried a lot of talking through food, like drawing their initials on it. French Toast and grilled cheese sandwiches were good for that.

  117. Yummy!! I love M&Ms and can’t wait to try their premium varieties 🙂

  118. I have never written a message on food, but have tried to send a message through food. I did the whole baby carrotts, baby muffins, etc for a meal when I was trying to surprise my hubby that I was pregnant.

  119. I once gave someone one of those giant Mrs.Fields cookies that said “I Love You” on it for Valentine’s Day…but it was the first time saying that…and I think I was 16. Terrible.

  120. I talk through food by creating dishes I enjoy and sharing them with my fiance or having a dinner party at my dad’s house with my sister and her husband, so they all can enjoy what I’ve created. One thing I thought of with this topic, was how when I was younger, my mom used to put sweet little notes in my lunches every day. That made my whole day as a kid. ❤ Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  121. In my first grade classroom I have several arithmetic lessons where the children learn to “talk the language of math” by manipulating groups of M&M’s in addition and subtraction problems. At the end of each lesson the students get to eat the M&M’s. Kids love those lessons!

    Thanks for the contest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  122. I talk through food by preparing meals for all my kids, grandkids when they come home to visit. I use a lot of concentration and love fixing the meals, and enjoy them enjoying them.

  123. I haven’t done anything so literal with food. I express myself with what I choose to prepare though.

  124. I believie every meal prepared with love is talking … .through food.
    I love M&Ms !

  125. When our famly was growing up , I swear that the only meals that EVERYONE loved were the meals that took hours of preparation. So for each child’s birthday they got to choose what special food they wanted to eat.

  126. When I was a little kid growing up, and this was forty-five years ago in Wisconsin, the price of butter was really high and oleo was priced really really low. We were pretty poor but my mom always said, “I don’t care how poor we are, we will never buy oleo.”

    So here it is, I am now fifty with six kids of mine own and, lo and behold, things are expensive again. We ALWAYS have M&M cookies in the house and I just said to my husband two weeks ago, “I don’t care how tight things get, there will always be money for M&Ms.”

    Thus, we live happily ever after.

  127. I always tend to bake something that is one’s favorite to tell them that I love them. mainly with my husband and boys.

  128. My social life revolves around food. Whoever is around at dinner time is invited to eat with us. I make cakes for all 30 co-workers on their birthdays. I send baked goodies to school with my kids for the whole class at least once a week. I guess I try to comfort everyone with food!

  129. Writing a special note on a cookie is always a treat for a loved one.

  130. I think that taking the time to cook or bake is telling people you love them, and they are important to you.

  131. Have you ever heard of a Valentines Day Party? When I was a teenager I threw such a party! I invited my boyfriend and some other couples over. I made a cake and decorated it with a heart made of M&M’s and put on it “I love you ______! Whoever he was back then. Anyway I was having this party while my Dad took my Mom out for the night and I was sneeking having this party! The party went pretty well. We danced, listened to music and probably made out for a little bit. I got everybody out in time and cleaned up all our mess, dishes and all. I thought I got away with it. Until the next day when my mom asked me where all the M&M’s came from that she found on the floor in the living room!

  132. I surprise my kids with a special food treat to say that they have been great. My son loves homemade breas so that is his treat. Mainly food talks to me. I can hear chocolate calling my name from a long distance. Right now those M&M’s are saying “We are meant to be together” !! Thanks!

  133. I think that I’ve always used food to talk to my hubby and other guys I’ve dated, by preparing special romatic dinners of food they love.

  134. Food plays a giant role in romance and life. Taking someone special to dinner and impressing this person in hope of furthering a relationship. Feeding your family especially the children with good tasting and healthy food. Special occasions mean special food. Birthday’s, anniversaries and of course the superbowl party. M&M’s are the perfect way to celebrate any special time.

  135. what a great prize, I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE M&Ms.

  136. When I was 16 my brothers and sisters and I made a cake for our Grandmother’s birthday. (She was turning 79). We made a huge chocolate sheet cake and used candies to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA. We did it that way because then the younger kids could put the candies down wwhere we told them. (I am the oldest and there are 6 younger than me).

  137. I talk through food by fixing special dishes for my loved ones.

  138. I would get customized M & M’s that had sayings like “Peace, “Love”, “Yum”, ” :)”, “8}”

  139. Love these M & M’s and would love to win. My M & M would say “LOVE”

  140. I like the peanuts ones

  141. Barbara McCrea

    I have spoken through food, The first thing I made for my husband (before we got married) was a homemade mincemeat pie, it was one of his favorites and I made it with venison and Brandy, he had never had a homemade one before then and he just loved it, I still bake on a regular basis for him!

  142. tasty!

  143. I’ve never written anything with food… but I’m pretty sure nothing says I love you quite like meals cooked happily at home.

    Except maybe also SAYING I love you. But whatev.

  144. I have never really communicated with anyone through food!!
    but my boyfriend and I used to snuggle over baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon.. Weird I know..but we just loved them!

  145. Valentine’s day is a huge talk with food day for us. We have customized hearts & cupcakes and lots of chocolates! 🙂

    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  146. If I won these M&M’s, I’d write “Thanks!”

  147. I’ve never tried to get a message across using food, but my husband would also be oblivious. lol. I love the Full House story…but to be honest…I think I would have not figured it out either!

  148. my boyfriend and i always share our food with eachother. we continue to take bites and pass back, even as the piece gets as small as a thumbnail. this is one way we tell eachother that we care.

  149. I try to make every dinner special but my husband knows when I whip out my trusty meatloaf recipe (yeah meatloaf he loves it) I’m really trying to convey that I love him. I make it everytime he comes home from his deployments, it means home and love to him.

  150. I would serve whatever color I wanted the mood of the party to be. For instance, if I was trying for a ‘chill’ party, I would have the blue premium m&ms out.

  151. Elizabeth Howard

    The only message I have made with food is letting someone know I care by fixing his/her favorites on holidays, birthdays, sick days or just because!!

  152. Never tried that but sounds like a interesting idea.

  153. I use icing on cupcakes, brownies and cookies to tell my husband I love you, suprise inside ( I will make a special note or card) and hide it or I’m thinking of you, Good Luck stuff like that. He gets a big kick out of it.

  154. Abby Harris-Correll

    When my best friend got married, her future mother in law decided to get the couple personalized M&M’s. The only problem with it was that she spelled the bride’s name wrong, so my friend and I got to eat 250 misspelled M&Ms! (It took us a week, but we prevailed and ate the evidence.)

  155. I didn’t think I ever used food to send a message but then I remembered when I was in elementary school On Valentine’s Day I gave a boy I liked some candy hearts that said I Luv U on them. He came over and said ‘what does this mean?’ We stayed ‘just friends’ and he ended up seeing my best friend!

  156. I made the hubby a “I love you” cake for Valentine’s day. It was easy with a heart shaped pan and some icing.

  157. I spelled out W D W with carrot sticks, green pepper strips, and celery sticks on a platter, and that’s how I told my kids we were going to Disney World!

  158. I think it is a great idea.!!If it is ‘Congratulations’ for something or even ‘Just Thinking About You’ it makes the receiver feel special. I have never done it yet though:)

  159. i have never talked through food but i will now.thanks for the ideas.

  160. One time I asked a boy to Spring (our turnabout dance) through a fortune in a fortune cookie. It was really hard to organize but it was so cool 🙂 Especially because our first date was at a Chinese restaurant. Please enter me!

  161. Randall Curran

    I love to cook and I try to use my cooking skills to impress the ladies. I’ve always cooked special meals to impress the ladies, but had never thought about sending a message…via the food I create, but now I’ll have to give it some thought.

  162. I have ordered the M&Ms with our company logo printed on each little M&M – they were a huge hit! That is the extent of my talking with food – wish I were more creative!!

  163. I send a message with food when I don’t cook any! My husband always knows something is wrong at 4:00 when I am just sitting knitting!

  164. I always write something on everone’s birthday cakes

  165. I communicate not with words, but with flavors. Food is an art form in my mind.

  166. I talk through food all the time. I am an avid baker and always make those I love and care about yummy items from scratch. Nothing shows you care more than a fresh batch of cookies, fresh baked, cake, homemade bread, you get the idea 🙂

  167. I don’t think I talk with food. But I a reminded of Like Water From Chocolate when all of the emotions experienced during the cooking of the food were felt by the eater. Now that is amazing.

  168. I once wrote happy birthday on a cake, therefore, communicating via food 🙂 Thanks for the cool contest!

  169. Hi! I was at Blissdom with you, but didn’t meet you in person! I remember your dress & cowboy boots well, however.

    So, I don’t have a particular say it with food story, but my hubby’s love language is food. I just gave him plenty of dark chocolate for Valentines Day today, as I knew that would make him happy. Feeding the man is a huge way to show my love to him!

  170. I am one who thinks we speak with food more than we think we do. Whenever a person makes their loved ones thier favorite comfort foods, or a special dinner for a special occasion, or buy choclalte for thier wife –who is a chocolate lover–for Valentienes’s day or if they cook together. You know it’s all working with food to tell someone how much you care. It’s fun to cook with kids–there is always something that they can do to heop and before you know it they are talking and laughing and all. Perhaps it is not so much as to what you make–as it is a telling of how much you care.

  171. I carve messages, hearts, names & silly faces in my pie crust

  172. I have a basket in my office where I put chocolates. It is like bees and honey. I get my staff to come into my office and tell me things as they munch on chocolate. It is a very effective tool for commuications.

  173. Yummy!

  174. I hate making and eating pancakes. The entire family other than me consider them a gourmet meal. When they arrive at the breakfast table and see those little flat fried pieces of dough the first thing out of their mouth is what chores do you have on the list for us to do today.

  175. I’ve never been that creative with food. I always wished I was one of those people that could make food masterpieces! Thanks for the giveaway…

  176. There are a couple meals that my husband loves of the 2 hours to make variety that I only make as a thank you.

  177. I always have a bowl with good candy for my visitors. It makes your house seem more welcomings. These would be great.

  178. I’ve never tried to tell anyone something with food, but it’s a great idea.

  179. sounds good

  180. When I first met my husband, he was working on an out-of-town job (in my town) and eating horribly. I brought him homemade chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, and brownies. I was telling him that I was excellent girlfriend material and he should consider moving to my town! And he did, and eleven years later he’s still here!

  181. Speaking to someone through food -i would fix their favorite meal no matter how time consuming it might be just to let them know i care about them

  182. I’ve never done anything too out of the ordinary, but I do love those little conversation hearts–wish I could get them all year round! Thanks for the contest!



  184. Monique Bradley

    I don’t make it a regular habit of talking with food. My husband would be much like yours and be completely oblivious to my message. But, when I was in college I did a very crafty thing for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I took some conversation hearts and I wrote a note where I glued on conversation hearts that said part of my message. It was cute and unique and I think the boyfriend liked it. Once glued, though, conversation hearts aren’t edible anymore, :).

  185. I speak thru food every day…each meal says “I love you”

  186. One way I’ve talked through foods is decorating Easter eggs and putting names and messages on them.

  187. I make everything from real mac and cheese to pork and potato soup to keep memories of my Mom and my Grandmom alive my grandaughters and my adult children’s memories. I have all their recipes which I kept and so many of the dishes I grew up with are now favorites with my family. Among the most popular is Grandmom’s mac and cheese and her pork and potato soup. Also a big hit this past fall was the mustard pickles I made from my Mom’s recipe. Food is certainly a great way to keep the generations connected and memories built. Come this fall I am going to try making Grandmom’s crab apple jelly. I have never seen it in a store and have never tasted anything as good as it is.

  188. who wouldn’t want anything connected to m&m’s, it’s been around forever, love them, would like to try these

  189. greaat prize

  190. I’ve been around for 82 years, and m&m’s is one of my favorites, would like to give them a try!

  191. Unfortunately, my food says, ‘he stole some good recipes but totally lacks overall vision and the ability to create a memorable meal. Fortunately he’s willing to pick up the tab at a restaurant.’

  192. I would like to try the almonds

  193. Marian Mangual

    m&ms are my fav

  194. patricia skinner

    I havent used food to communicate but my husband used to bring me home an apple every now and then so finally I asked him. Are you trying to tell me your learning something from me? LOL

  195. I have never communicated through food other than on a cake or a cookie on birthdays. Love M&Ms-thanks for the chance to win!

  196. Cupcakes are my favorite for holidays, and they tell my kids and friends who much I care and love the holidays, and would love to them to pass on the traditions when I’m gone.

  197. I wrote out sweet nothings on cupcakes and distributed them to my husband before we got maried.

  198. have a certain cupboard for the kids treats grandkids always go there

  199. Back in the day my line was a dinner date. I had my own favorite restaurant so if the date didn’t go well at least I dined well. 😉

  200. I don’t really send specific messages thru food, but I do cook for special people and try to make their favorite dishes or something they’ve requested. So I guess I tell people I love them by cooking what they desire.

  201. THese sound terrific. I can’t wait to try them.

  202. This looks great!

  203. I’ve never sent a food message.

  204. I would like to believe that most of the meals I prepare “talk”. Hopefully they say that I love my family and try to give them tasty, nutricious meals that also have eye appeal.

  205. I’ve talked through food with my fruitcakes. Now, don’t go YUCK. Mines are delicious. I mix golden raisins, apricots, dried cherries, walnuts, pecans, dates, and dried pineapple in a cake batter with rum. I let these sit in a cool place for 1-2 months, basting them every 1-2 weeks with more rum and then hand them out just before Christmas. The time involved in preparing them says the recipient is important.

  206. Deborah Osterman

    I show hubby that I love him by cooking all his favorite meals and having peanut M&M”S in the house for him.

  207. I try each and every night to tell my family how much I care for them as I prepare the meals….I make a point to prepare each person’s favorites foods at least once a week. I know they appreciate it.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. One year I gave my hubby a valentine room. Red construction paper/scissor. LOTS lol

  209. Linda Lansford

    I went to the meat market today a nd they had meet shaped into XX OO

  210. When our first baby was born, we handed out hershey bars with “Here she is” wrappers on them with the baby’s birth info. That was fun!

  211. No I’ve never told anyone anything through food. But it sounds like a fun idea.

  212. I write Happy Birthday on cakes or the name or age of the birthday person.

  213. I have tried my “one” many things with food. Most of them just pass him right on by! …But they do say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach-and we are still -“One”!! (so it might work) LOL

  214. I spell out “I Love You” on a heart shaped cake.

  215. Sometimes I write a short love note to my husband and attach it to a small snack.

  216. Every single day when I make a dinner or even slap together a quick PB&J it’s me saying to my family I love you and want you to be strong, healthy, satisfied, and nourished.

  217. A great way to decorate on a cake.

  218. My husband works out of town & I say “I Love You” all the time by cooking homemade meals for him whenever he’s at home…and I’d much rather eat out!

  219. I tell my family every day that I love them with the food that I make for them…

  220. I did a ‘sexy food’ scavenger hunt on valentine’s day one year. Each food item was a clue to find the next one. Like a Hershey’s Kiss meant that they had to kiss me for the next clue, etc. It was very fun – and led to even more fun!

    seattlevess at gmail.com

  221. I used them one time to write I love you on a my daughters
    Birthday Cake cause she loves MM’s. Thanks

  222. cool giveaway 🙂

  223. i actually bought some of the m & m’s “faces” for my hubby for valentine’s day — he absolutely adored them! such a cute and unique gift. and he “got” what i was trying to say with them (if m & m’s count as “food”!!). thanks for the giveaway!

  224. I love them

  225. I have always communicated my love through my cooking and food. I hope hat it says “come in, grab a glass of wine, relax, I hope you feel as special as you are to me.”

  226. M&M’s are my favorite, so this is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  227. Great prize!

  228. Nice contest.

  229. The only way I remember talking through food is leaving cute notes in my kids lunches when they were little

  230. I have never tried to talk through food but food always talks to me. Usually it just says “eat me” so I do. Thanks!


  231. I did it once with Alpha bits. I picked out I Love you and placed in a bowl with milk. Of course Hubby’s reaction was why there wasn’t enough cereal in the bowl. Oy!

  232. Aimee Fontenot

    I communicate with food, just by fixing it. My significant other knows I care because I fix food that we love and always try to switch things up a bit.

  233. I don’t think I’ve ever talked through food, however, it talks to me constantly. Especially if I’ve closed the door on the pantry. Things in there usually say I’m still here ! come eat me ! I’m here !



  236. Holden Humphreys

    I’ve never communicated using food, but it sounds like a neat idea!

  237. When I was young and single I remember being on a date staring at him and playing with my food. I call that communication though I am not sure what I was trying to communicate

  238. Joanne Schultz

    Well, I have gone out of my way to bring food to people I know the really enjoy, to show them that I care. But that’s about it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. i use the ketchup and mustard bottles (the ones with writing-like-tips) to put family members initials on hotdogs or hamburgers coming off the grill.

  240. I wrote I love you on a cake I made for my hubby once. He is so clueless and it didn’t really have the effect I was intending but it was worth a try….

  241. I’ve never talked through food, though I did try once, cutout cookies in letter shapes, unfortunately it didn’t turn out very well. I am not the most creative person.

  242. I’ve never even though of using food to send a message like that, but I was laughing at the Starburst story. It would have to be something VERY obvious for my husband to get it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. Sounds good to me!

  244. I tell my neighbors I’m happy to have them by bringing them treats.

  245. Today My nephew 4 years old got a Valentine from his babysitter and he wanted me to open it. I opened it and he looked in side and said no I like the candies with the “M” on them not the “S” the babysitter gave him skittles. OOPS…
    It was so cute.
    I could create my nephew a message and teach him sometimes different letters are good.

  246. I once gave a Big Hunk to a cute guy.

  247. When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That’s how the saying goes, right? But when mama IS happy, they all know it, because mama bakes. Cookies, brownies, pie or cake, something home baked will appear and then everybody is happy.

  248. I made gingerbread men one Christmas and gave 3 to my boyfriend that said I LOVE YOU. One word on each one.

  249. i write love messages for my girls on their breakfast some mornings. they love it

  250. I always try to–rarely gets noticed–if someone tells me how much they like a dish–the next time they visit I make that dish for them. When my husband and I first started dating he noticed–and it meant a lot to him.

  251. Thanksgiving is a good time to talk with food. I’ve not had to run a dinner, so I can bring some exotic side or desert. The family likes the variety.

  252. I told a boyfriend “I love you” on a pizza once (with olives and green peppers). He loved it! Oh, the memories…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  253. jennifer gersch

    I don’t think I’ve ever put a message on food except happy birthday

  254. I always talk through food — if I’m mad, sandwiches for ya, or go out…if things are rough, I make a gourmet meal out of what we have to say, ‘see, we’re still blessed’….if we’re lost, I make a mom meal that just warms you up inside…it all comes from the heart….
    here’s an example…we had one days left of eggs, cheese and bread…I made scrambled eggs and cheese, then put this between two pieces of grilled bread and it was like THE most special, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches which filled the tummy and distracted hubs enough to say it’s the best he ever had — was it? no…but right now, in our present situation, it was a blessing…so, from his heart to mine, it WAS the best grilled cheese, scrambled eggs we ever had

  255. Jo Shaneybrook

    word play on food is fun.

  256. Sweet

  257. I remember the first time I talked through food when when I tried to impress my future hubby… I figured the hardest thing to learn how to cook was a turkey so I started “at the top” and made a turkey. 🙂

  258. My hubby’s hobby is cooking and he tells me he loves me everyday by cooking me fantastic dinners to eat!!! He just got laid off so now he is cooking even more, I better start exercising…

  259. /many Thanks for allowing me to enter and good luck to everyone.

  260. Back when i was dating my wife, i made her dinner and slipped a note expressing my love inside one of the brownies i made. She wound up getting choked which put a damper on the dinner. She never saw the note and i had to own up to why she choked. It must have turned out alright as we have been married for 37 years. I always told her i left her breathless.

  261. I would like to try these.

  262. I actually made my own fortune cookies will silly fortunes for a boyfriend once.. IT WAS AGES ago… He thought it was so errr what was that word AWESOME…. When I think back now I question what the heck I was thinking… Send some M&Ms my way I need therapy

  263. I talk through food on my husbands birthday I make him is favorites and he enjoys it very much con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  264. I speak through food by cooking and baking things that I know my family enjoys.

  265. katherine wierzbinski

    Is it possible to fall in love over chocolate? YES!! And we did…MMM…can’t get enough…this is an incredible prize!

  266. I have two heart shaped cake tins. I’ve made cakes for my husband and kids with them.

  267. My husband is a great cook. BEFORE I knew this I attempted to please him by making him dinner…our first real date. He said that impressed him and we have been together ever since.

  268. My husband is a pizza fanatic, I’ve spelled Happy Birthday with pepperoni on a pizza once.

  269. The “Green Mint ” M&M’s would get my attention 🙂

  270. I don’t talk through food exactly but I make my girls bento for lunches sometimes- and every lunch gets an i love you you rock type note.

  271. Veronica Garrett

    The only time I talk through food is birthday cakes but now I think I will be leaving messages with candy.

  272. It should be it’s own food group.

  273. The only way I talk through food is by making menu items that my family loves to eat–and believe me, they all have their favorite dishes!

  274. I’ve never done this but I think that it is a neat idea.

  275. I have never done this before either, spoken through food. I think it would be a good thing to try on my hubby since that is probably one of the best ways to his heart. 🙂 I do have strange cravings when I am pregnant. One pregnancy I craved artichokes and ate a ton of them. I still love them to this day and I never get tired of them. This pregnancy I have craved grapefruit. It is a strange craving and I am not sure what either artichokes are grapefruits as a craving communicate to you or those reading this comment, but at least they are a veggie and fruit. It could be worse. 🙂

  276. I’ve had fun with loving-through-food several times.

    I gained myself a boyfriend once via a 12-days-of-christmas gift theme, where the individual items were tiny things (7 individually-wrapped M&Ms, 6 hershey’s kisses, 5 paper clips, etc). He was the only boy that ever took me to a dance, but long story short due to it being a private school and the dance being non-school-authorized activity, they called it “coming home” rather than prom, which is what it actually was. At MY school homecoming was a much less formal event than prom, and I was woefully underdressed, despite his knowing what I had been planning to wear (and his MOM! she didn’t even say anything!?) Sigh.

    I had a crush on my AP calculus teacher in 12th grade. It was one of those take-the-test-for-college-credit classes and once the test was over, we had a really relaxed class hour for the couple weeks until school was out. I wanted to do something mindblowing for this wondrous teacher of mine (actually paying attention in class would probably have impressed his engineer mind much more…) so I made rectangular sugar cookies, and mom helped me pipe 20 frosting “buttons” and a “screen” onto each one so they looked like graphing calculators. I then painstakingly “graphed” the first letter of each person’s name in the entire class – it was a major effort to come up with an actual graph that looked like the letter, in some cases – and was promptly disappointed when absolutely nobody was shocked and awed at the amount of work I put into it. And the teacher didn’t fall, swooning, at my feet, either.

    I also enjoy making heart shaped pancakes for my stepgirls, although after the first couple I usually branch out into mickey mouse heads, stars, and/or their initials.

  277. I tell my wife I love her when I buy her chocolate cake

  278. You can get M&M’s with photos on them also. I want to get some for my son’s upcoming wedding.

  279. The closest I’ve come to saying anything with food would be a birthday cake or something like that — and that still tends to be generic. I need to get more creative!

  280. How to talk through food….this would be useful for men…they need to get us chocolate more often!

  281. On my kids birthday they get to choose what our family will be eating that day for dinner. It makes them feel special.

  282. Personalize these premium m&m’s and they will be extra special and say alot to!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  283. I was watching how they make M&Ms the other day and you can get anything you want printed on them, thanks.

  284. I gave my boyfriend a beautiful glass vase full of GREEN

  285. I gave my boyfriend a beautiful glass vase full of GREEN M&Ms.

  286. I don’t know that I try to “talk” through food but i do want the people in my life to know I love them and I care so I put love into every thing I make for them!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  287. I used to make special cakes and cookies with messages on them for my children.

  288. My husband KNOWS I am saying “I love you” when I bake him a berry pie!

  289. Beverley Justice

    My husband and I are an older couple. I still enjoy cooking three meals a day for him, and spoilling him rotten. I think he likes it too. We can go out as often as we like, but there’s something very special about saying, “Dear, dinner is ready.” and watching his face light up.

  290. I’ve always tried to make my husband’s favorite dishes for special occasions. I’m not the greatest cook, but he appreciates the effort.

  291. Food is definitely a huge part of our lives! I try to make him a special meal everytime I have a day off– because the rest of the week it’s microwaved. He always appreciates the meals and looks forward to what I try to do.

  292. desiree kelley

    I would like to try them

  293. My son’s all time favorite breakfast is pancakes that spell out his name. I love taking the extra time to show him that I love him by starting his day off with something special!

  294. I had some of those M&M Premium Mochas after Christmas–they are to die for!

    Every time I make pancakes, I make each of the kids a pancake of their first initial (I never meant for it to be every time, but after the first time, they all insisted). I give my husband Hershey’s kisses for Valentine’s Day and his birthday. I give him green M&Ms for our anniversary. ;o)

  295. I am such a workaholic that sometimes work has interfered with my personal life. My husband wanted to take me out to a restaurant 45 minutes away. I had to work late so we were not able to go. I found out he was going to propose that night. Kind of stinks that work ruined my special proposal. Instead he did it at the house in a not as romantic way.

  296. We owned a little pizza parlor and one boy responded to his invitation to the dance using a pizza, we spelled out YES in pepperoni. The pizza was delivered to her house to get her answer.

  297. Mary Reisinger

    I like to write cutsy messages on bananas for my sweety to read. Makes him laugh

  298. Moms speak through food every single day of the year. Its say we love you. It also means we care about your well being and we listen to the things you like the best or desire the most. And yes, your response is how your answer us.

  299. When I make homenade tacos, my husband’s favorite, he’s come to know that it is code for “I want you to attack me later”…lol

  300. i know it sounds corny or lame, but i tell/show my husband & son love them through every meal I cook for them.

  301. You tell your family you love them by serving them nutritious and good tasting meals.

  302. Communicating important info through food is a GREAT idea!! Alas, it’s not one I’ve ever thought of before now. Thanks for the suggestion and for the contest!

  303. Lynn Hernandez

    After meeting this awesome fella on a christian website I found out he loved chocolate chip cookies. I began sending him homemade cookies every other week or so. It wasn’t long until he proposed. The cookies told him he shouldn’t let me get away. We’ve been married for 10 years now. Thanks

  304. Catherine KingChuparkoff

    A frozen meal means someone has upset me, but fresh biscuits and gravy tells someone that all is well in the world!

  305. When I first married my husband, I was eager to try my recipes on him and prepared a dish he’d never had before, Tuna Noodle Casserole. He ate it and said very little throughout the meal – until he finished it and politely asked me to never make that again for him. I’ve only made it one other time, when I was incredibly angry with him and knew that it would upset him.




  307. My husband likes getting chocolate for holidays…. he doesn’t buy candy for himself so that is a treat for him.

  308. Phyllis Jenkins

    I hold chocolate kisses behind my back and ask “the victim” if he wants a kiss. If he says yes then I hand him a chocolate kiss. It sounds sooo chessy but I always get a hearty laugh.

  309. janie thompson

    M&Ms are my favorite candy in the whole world! I didn’t think they could improve on such excellence but they have!!!

  310. Oh I just say okay it’s my way or no way, lol usually works great. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  311. I’ve never told anyone anything with food, although I did consider the personalized M&M’s but my hubby would never read it.

    I did however, give my parents a card for Thanksgiving 9 years ago, that was Happy Thanksgiving to my grandparents…. I signed it Baby Smith. (We were expecting our first child and their first grandchild)

    They didn’t understand, she thought I had bought the wrong card and she apparently didn’t read who it was from. Thankfully, my brother understood his happy thanksgiving to my Uncle.

    The best laid plans go awry sometimes

  312. i tried to tell my mother happy birthday with a box full of donuts, i think she go the message!

  313. I didn’t actually do anything with food but my mom did the make your own M&M’s thing as a present for someone graduating school. They looked really nice…but still the price IMO is a bit expensive.

  314. I haven’t ever tried it.

  315. Never really talked thru food but hey never to old to try

  316. I like to say “I care” to loved ones through food.

  317. The only thing I do is try to make things my family will enjoy and agree to special requests.

  318. My wife loves chocolate dipped fruit. When I dip fruit she knows that it is something I am doing because of the love I have for her.