Sesame Street LIVE. I’ve lived it. I love it.

Remember when I was at BlogHer last year and I rubbed furry blue elbows with Grover and fuzzy pink noses with Abby Cadabby?

Well, you may not, BUT I DO. And not only because I cry from sheer joy every time I think about the experience. Abby actually CALLED. MY. KID. and left her a message telling her to always believe in her dreams. Grover and I made a DVD for her.



Sesame Street has held my heart forever, and I’ll take it in whatever form I can get it.

Sesame Street Live, When Elmo Grows Up!

Sesame Street Live is coming into town (not just Indianapolis, all over the place! Check the schedule here!) with a new show, “When Elmo Grows Up.” What does it say about me that I want to be a muppet when I grow up?

The details:

Sesame Street Live, “When Elmo Grows Up”

Thursday April 2nd-Sunday April 5th

Murat Theatre 502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis

Tickets are exclusively available at, the Murat Centre Box Office, charge by phone at 877-598-8703 or at participating Blockbuster ® stores.

SHOW SYNOPSIS:T/M © 2009. Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

T/M © 2009. Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

When Elmo and his Sesame Street Live friends think about growing up, it’s a musical show-and-tell!  Bert dreams of becoming a forest ranger, Telly longs to be a cowboy and their newest friend, Abby Cadabby, wants to be a fairy godmother just like her mommy.  Elmo thinks about becoming a ‘weather monster,’ but has a hard time predicting his own forecast—he wants to be anything and everything all at once!  “When Elmo Grows Up” includes lessons on perseverance, teamwork and the power of imagination.  Children learn that if they believe in themselves and are willing to try, the possibilities are endless.

You want to go don’t you? Even you over there without a kid. I see you over there checking your calendar.

Don’t forget you can get $2 off ticket prices by using the code “OSCAR” when purchasing your tickets online.

Suuuuuunny days, chasing the clooooouuuddsss away….



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