TOMS shoes, totally moosh approved.

Have you seen the AT&T commercial with the handsome man handing out shoes to little kids all over the world?

If you missed it let me direct you to the site that has the same handsome man putting shoes onto the feet of cute little children all over the world.

The handsome man is Blake Mycoskie and in 2006 he came up with TOMS shoes, and for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased a pair will go to a child in need anywhere in the world.

One for one.

HOORAY! Shoes that do good things! But deep down I know that someone out there is thinking, well sure, buying a pair of shoes will help some kid, but I don’t want to be stuck with some shoes I don’t like even if it did help some kid I’ll never meet. (Of COURSE that person isn’t any of MY readers, y’all are a bunch of generous loving givers.)

Here’s the good news.

I have never (NEVER!) owned a more comfortable pair of shoes. And I’ve tried them all, KEENS, Merrels, Chacos, Crocs, Nikes…blah blah…the list goes on. And while I love every pair of shoes I own for one reason or another my canvas TOMS feel like putting a hug on my feet. When I first got them they felt a little tight, but after a few days they conformed to my feet, it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being able to go barefoot everywhere I go.

If you’ve seen me recently then you’ve seen my TOMS, they’re all I wear.

You know what they feel like?

Ballet slippers.

Flexible, snug, huggish.


And in most cases they’re even vegan.


Buy these shoes. (For yourself, your husband, your wife, your children, your neighbors…)

Not only will you get an unbearably comfortable cute pair of shoes, you’ll help a sweet little kid who will depend on their pair of shoes more than you and I can ever imagine.

Fly Boy


6 responses to “TOMS shoes, totally moosh approved.

  1. I was bummed that they didn’t have my size in the cutie shoes I wanted to cover my ginormus hooves, but then when I sorted by size I see I could get the sparkly silver ones. I like me some sparkly.

  2. That looks like the guy from the amazing race a few seasons with his sister. The name is the same so maybe!

    Those look like comfortable shoes!! and a good cause!

  3. JustShireen

    Those shoes along with the green and blue ones have been on my mental wish list for a few weeks. LOVE them and LOVE what Tom does.

  4. JustShireen

    Er, that’d be what TOMS do or Blake. heh.

  5. Those are darling. Off to check if they come in size GIANT.

    (also, have you tried Born shoes? So comfy)

  6. It is the guy from the Amazing Race or Survivor or something, right? I heard speak @ a conference a few years back and he is the real deal. Folks thought he was crazy when he said he wanted to donate 1 for 1 but he went for it and is now very successful. The shoes are superdeeduper cute and now with your comfort approval I just may have to get a pair!

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