barefoot books, beyond moosh approved.

Do you have a Barefoot Book in your collection and you’re not quite sure where it came from but you wish you had more?

My mother in law gave my daugther Bear on a Bike over two years ago and while I knew the publisher was Barefoot Books I had never really seen (or looked) for more Barefoot Books. That is until I found out I have a friend who sells them!  She does it because she loves them. She and I had lunch and gushed over our mutual love of Barefoot’s dedication to the art of the children’s book.

the moosh’s and my current favorite? The Barefoot Book of Faeries. Not only does it have gorgeous illustrations, it includes an audio CD with all of the stories narrated (which in the car? LIFESAVER.)

We both want to share the glory of Barefoot Books with you, head on over to Kasey’s site, (YEP! We’re both named K/Casey!) peruse around and let us know what your favorite Barefoot Book is. Leave it in the comments (with a valid email address) and you’ll be entered to win a $20 credit to Kasey’s Barefoot Books site.

Twitter for an extra entry.

Entries closed at midnight EST Tuesday, June 16th.

(Disclaimer: I was not paid by Barefoot Books for this post. I love them for free.)


33 responses to “barefoot books, beyond moosh approved.

  1. queenofhaddock

    There are a lot of great non-book items, too!

    But picking a book is hard…because I like all of them, especially the ones that come with a cd: Farmyard Jamboree, Animal Boogie, Creepy Crawly Calypso!

    Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Lisa in TX

    We found “How Big is a Pig?” at the library, one day, and we fell in love with Clare Beaton’s adorable felt pictures. Since then, we’ve gotten that one, and two more (“Secret Seahorse” and “There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch”) for our own collection. They are the cutest things ever!

  3. Those ALL look awesome, but I think my favorite is the African animals ABC 😀

  4. Ooh, I’d love to read Forest of Stories to my baby. It looks so beautiful. Thanks!

  5. Animal Boogie looks adorable. Perfect for my three-year-old.

  6. Wow, OK, those are amazing books. I wouldn’t even begin to know which to choose first. I’d like to have Tales from Old Ireland, but Cordy would probably love Princess and the White Bear King. (The illustrations for that one are stunning, too!)

  7. Herb the Vegetarian Dragon looks charming. I’m a third grade teacher and would love to add it to my collection to share with my students!

  8. How have I raised two girls to be 8 and 6 and not found these by now? There are so many that look amazing, not sure how to pick a favorite. Princess and The White Bear King would be right up my girls’ alley since they love anything imaginative, and I’m sure we need “How Big is a Pig?” just because it has “pig” in the title and my 6 year old loves anything to do with pigs. And the cover of “Motherbridge of Love” is enough to make me want that one.

  9. Currently, if you ask my son to count, he immediately skips to “8, 9, 10, 11, 14.” So Cleo’s Counting Book would be a good addition to our library.

  10. I, too, love Barefoot Books. Our personal fav is Jungle Boogie. Check it out sometime!

  11. The illustrations on the Jack & the Beanstalk book look great!

  12. I think my PK would love her some Dotty Spotty Doodles!

  13. just tweeted it out to the universe!

  14. I can’t decide ~ all the “Bear” books are so cute!! I think “Cow in the Cabbage Patch” may beat them though. My daughter loves books that she can feel & rub on while I’m reading (it’s the only way she’ll slow down and let me actually read an entire page!)

    (Tweeted this as well!)

  15. Herb the Vegetarian Dragon because one of these days, I really do need to explain to the kid that she eats chick’n, not chicken. Oye.

  16. The Mommy Tsunami

    I love the The Boy Who Grew Flowers. I love these books, btw!

    Angel, aka TheMommyTsunami

  17. The Mommy Tsunami

    And I tweeted!

    Have a good night!
    Angel, aka TheMommyTsunami

  18. I think Shopping with Dad sound like a lot of fun! I know a family that would LOVE it!

  19. We have I Dream I Was a Dinosaur and love it, but I want to get Port Side Pirates, because I hav ea thing for pirates. They are way better than Ninjas. 🙂

  20. Ooh, how fun! I found “Motherbridge of Love” which sounds like a wonderful book. If I won I’d definitely purchase this book for my Aunt who adopted a little girl last year! 🙂

  21. Thank goodness you tweeted this again, I almost forgot!!

    I think my favorite is Barefoot Book of Earth Tales, but I would love the Celtic Dreamland CD too!! So much good stuff there!!!

  22. You all have chosen such great books! Some of my faves are The Boy Who Grew Flowers, Shrinking Sam, Animal Boogie and My Daddy is a Pretzel!

    If you’re in the Indy area and are interested in seeing any of the books or having a book party (where you earn free books!), let me know. VERY low-key party with kids and parents and books and puppets! Fun times!

    Enjoy looking around, and thanks to Moosh in Indy for her wonderful giveaway!

  23. Since my grandbaby is very small, I like Cleo the Cat book!

  24. The yoga books! I love yoga books for kids!

  25. I’d have to go with Bunbun, the Middle One. I have three kids, and my middle daughter wants so much to read like her big sister (and do everything else!) I think this early reader would be perfect for her!

  26. can I win one even if I’ve never heard of barefoot books?? also tweeted

  27. I think that the yoga pretzel book looks über cute

  28. Oh my goodness, definitely Princess and the White Bear King. I like The Boy Who Grew Flowers as well, but I love barefoot’s version of the story ‘East of the Sun’. It’d be great to get to share it with the two girls I nanny!