Electrolux, Ovaries and Lemonade.

***I write this post because mama loooves her Electrolux and wants one. Bad. I am not being compensated in any way.***

Maybe you read on my main blog that I just got a new house and requested that Electrolux appliances appear in the currently blank appliance spots in my new kitchen.

Electrolux Appliance Desire

I spend an unsavory amount of time in home stores opening and closing the doors of the Elextrolux fridge, THE LIGHTS COME ON GRADUALLY! Like every opening of the fridge is a CELEBRATION! The ovens have the most delicious sing song touch controls, HUNDREDS OF POSSIBILITIES. Dehydrate? Bread proof? Broil? IT. DOES. IT. ALL. Plus one model even has a little oven drawer at the bottom so you can simultaneously cook a pie and a turkey…my heart flutters at the thought.

When an email arrived about Electrolux’s Virtual Lemonade Stand Campaign benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund I naturally was all over it. The chance to win an Electrolux Stainless French Door Refrigerator with Perfect Temp Drawer and support Ovarian Cancer Research at the same time?

Kelly's Lemonade Stand

By opening up your own free virtual Lemonade Stand not only will Electrolux donate a dollar to OCRF, but friends and family will have the opportunity to buy virtual glasses of lemonade for as little as a dollar and all proceeds go to the OCRF and you’ll both be entered to win the fancy GLOWING LIGHTS french door fridge. (Here’s mine!)

You have until September 7th to enter!

(And Electrolux? You can still keep Kelly and I’ll just take the fridge. And maybe the lemonade.)


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