Woobie-Special Bedtime Apparatus #1

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Long ago when the moosh was only a few months old I went into a higher end baby store where they were selling small pieces of fleece with various colored ribbons sticking out for $28. The label claimed that little kids love to feel tags on their toys, thinking this was complete hooey I went about muttering about $28 for a bunch of “tags.”

Later that day I noticed the moosh playing with a giraffe toy, it was keeping her thoroughly entertained when I noticed that she wasn’t actually playing with the toy, she was playing with the tag. I was at the fabric store within the hour purchasing the softest fleece and the most dazzling array of ribbons. Later in the day I had a crude piece of fabric with tags sticking out of it for around $6. (It was the first thing I had ever made with my sewing machine. Domestic? I am not.)

the moosh seemed to gravitate towards the thin velvet ribbons and not care much about the rest. Around the same time she became enamoured with a blanket made out of the fabric we all know now as “minky.” (I can’t stand the name FYI.) Determined to perfect the ribbon sewn into fabric idea I set out to find a soft piece of fabric similar to her blanket and to find more thin velvet ribbons.

A day later I had done it.

I had made woobie.

It was love at first feel.

The tiny little seven month old moosh never parted with woobie.

I don’t have a single picture of the moosh asleep from the last four years without woobie. She still sleeps with it everynight and when she’s stressed she holds it to her face in total Superstar fashion and smells it. Woobie has gone lost a couple of times, once on a camping trip, once in the mall and once in the thick of traveling across country. I even left woobie on a plane once.

moosh snooze

Crapped out.

Sleeping on Dumbo

I’ve never run faster in my life than to get back to that plane before it departed again.

Sleep does not come to the house of moosh until woobie has been found.

Needless to say, woobie has a smell all his own. Sort of a sour, sweaty, vinegar smell mixed with sunscreen and Johnson’s Curl Shampoo. To anyone else the smell is disgusting. To me? It’s a sweet disgusting baby aphrodisiac. Even at four and a half she still falls asleep with her little fingers intertwined in the ribbons, most have been rubbed bald but she’s never even noticed.

While woobie has been a pain in our woobies over the last four years when he decides to go missing or get dirty, it’s a little piece of fabric that lets the moosh know she’s okay no matter where she is. I never have to worry on a long car trip, a long vacation or when she’s away at a sleepover because as long as she has woobie?

She has a piece of home.


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34 responses to “Woobie-Special Bedtime Apparatus #1

  1. I just told the world how my brother’s boo showed up in a dead guy’s folder!

  2. Left my story of how I will always scratch their backs until they are grown.

    followed on twitter too (does that need to be a separate comment?)

  3. When my daughter was about two years old she started picking stuffed animals that she like instead of the ones we chose for her. One day she found Snoopy and since that day she has never let him go. She calls him puppy and we cannot go to sleep at night unless he is found and is laying next to her each night. Puppy listens to bedtime stories and keeps her entertained until she falls fast asleep. For me this bedtime routine is rather funny. I am now a stay at home mom but each and every night I think of my most challenging student and thank him for giving my daughter her puppy.

  4. Ok, here was the beginning of that post.

    I was in my 4th year of teaching first grade when I became pregnant with my daughter. All the little first graders were so cute and excited for me. Each day I would receive little gifts for the baby. One of my more challenging students who I didn’t even think cared that I was pregnant showed up one morning with a huge smile on his face and a gift bag. I was stunned. I opened the gift to find a Snoopy book and a Snoopy stuffed animal. The student was so proud and was the happiest I had ever seen him all day.

  5. (Left my story, Tweeted and Followed. Am fully enrolled in the “Wininme Some Bedtime Stuffs” project LOL)

    …. Zippy is part snuggle friend, part entertainment and part pillow. Songs are made up for Zippy to dance to, kisses are given, in one tragic instance Zippy came to dinner and was fed ketchup. One washer ride later, Zippy was once again ready for bed and pillow duties. He’s my daughter’s best friend and constant companion. He is the touchstone that she needs as she explores her world throughout the day. And at night, they lay in bed and dream of the adventures they’ll have tomorrow.

  6. I entered my story and followed.

    I’m lying in bed with my 3-year-old, trying to gently help her drift off to sleep, but she’s not at all calm. In fact, she’s doing that bum-jumping thing while lying there. You know, where she’s on her back but her whole midsection is rapidly jumping up and down, squeaking the springs with every bounce? Also with every bounce, she is saying “Quamsumsum, Quamsumsum, Quamsumsum . . . “

    This is hilarious to her. To Me? Not so much. Growing quite impatient, I finally threaten, “It is bedtime. If you want me in here, you need to be still and quiet. I’m here to sing quiet songs and help you get ready for sleep.”

    To which she responds:

    “I’m here to say: [commence more bum-jumping] “Quamsumsum, Quamsumsum, Quamsumsum . . .” (insert hysterical laughing).

  7. bessieviola

    I left a condensed version of this story:


    I am a sap. But I do love my rocker time!

  8. My husband and I both had attachments to stuffed animals as children. His, a Winnie the Pooh that played music by winding; me a stuffed dog named Candy. He gave up his Pooh at some point, with his fur all gone and the music no longer playing. I, on the other hand, am 30 and still have Candy, in my bed, beside my head where I can grab her if necessary at anytime during the night (or day if the case may be).
    We have tried to get our baby girl attached to something, anything. We have tried all sorts of stuffed animals, blankets, anything…seriously. She wants to be the non attached girl. Or at least we thought. Our bedtime routine has changed a lot over the past 2 years and Miss independent was never rocked to sleep or bounced on my knee as I did when she was little. Now, it’s a cartoon curled up next to Daddy, then she runs off to her room, to stretch and turn off the light before bouncing in her new big girl bed. Daddy tucks her in and then I lay down with her to say her prayers. In her bed is a stuffed dog that her Daddy bought me when we were first dating, an oversized Dora stuffed doll and a blankey my Mom made for her. My Mom had hoped she would become attached to it, and now that she’s gone, I do my best to see that she at least has an affection for it. Now, everynight before I get up out of her bed, she looks at me, holding her sippy, in the dark and says, “Mommy, goggy?”; to which I reply “Yes, baby girl, Doggy’s beside you”…”Mommy, DeeDee”…”Yes baby girl, Dora’s here too”. And then she’s settled.
    I now take them anytime we spend the night somewhere. In hopes, that at least one of them will become her Candy.

  9. thegypsymama

    LOVE the story of Moosh and her Woobie (is that as in “your Woobie’s looking bad, bud” from Mr Mom? We love that film)

    Anyhoo, I’m not really one for contests as I absolutely am tried and true certain that I will never win anything. But I do LOVE Woobie stories because my oldest has his own Woobie, which he calls “baby” – and yes, we don’t dig the name either – but he came up with it.

    It’s too long to cut and paste in here and it’s the pictures that really make it – so, if interested, you can go and check out his Woobie love story that spans two continents here:


    Teaser trailer: When he was a 3 months old and we were still living in South Africa our Lil’ Buckaroo received a care package from a gaggle of my best girl friends back in the States. A “Baby Shower in a Box.” And within that delectable stash of goodies there was something, nay, someONE who would become his closest companion and best bud for the rest of his little life to date – we just didn’t know it yet.

    Texy, my good friend and introduction to all things South of the Mason-Dixon line had sent him a little blanky bear. And little did I know that the South African boy and his Deep South blankie would become utterly inseparable over the next few years.

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  11. We race up the stairs, I put my 2 year old kiddo in bed, watch him snuggle with his 2 silky blankets, give him a kiss and say “I love you.” I then listen as he says, “I bub you.” One of my favorite parts of the day!

  12. I forgot to cut and copy at the end…it would have made this comment easier. LOL So, this isn’t word for word, but it’s pretty darn close. =)

    I remember when Van was a baby, when it would grow dark I would start to FREAK. She was a HORRIBLE sleeper. We tried everything, and FAILED. She would wake up multiple times a night, and sometimes that was 2-3 hours at a time. It was a challenge. I tried taking her out of her crib at 15 months, and it worked for a couple of nights…and then we were right back where we started. After four years I finally have come up with the secret combination for 11+ hours of sleep without disturbance…
    humidifier + radio = HAPPY, well rested MOM!! Yeah!

  13. My (at the time) 2 yo was diagnosed with Leukemia just as she was giving up her pacifier that accompanied her to bed EVERY night of her life. Because of the new trauma in her life, she held onto that “binky” and regressed in her potty training. At 4 yo, she was almost ready to give up her binky, so we took her to Build a Bear and she put together her favorite animal, putting her last binkies inside just before they sewed it up. We now have Binky Bear, that she can hold and love and feel the binkies inside whenever she needs comfort. She’s now 5 and out of chemotherapy treatment and cancer free, but we still see Binky Bear at night, wrapped in her arms, and keeping her safe in her dreams.

  14. mommabird2345

    My 5 yr-old daughter has had to sleep with her na-nights since she was 13 months old. It has gone anywhere and everywhere. Last Thursday we went to Laughlin, NV to go to the river. Like an idiot, I forgot to pack na-nights. After much crying and asking to “just go home and get it” (4 hours away), she finally went to sleep. Whew…

    My 18 month old daughter not only sleeps with her beebee (her way of saying burpie) but she likes to carry it around everywhere, usually in her mouth. I started last summer when she was eight months old and teething. It was the only thing she was able to chew on that made her feel better. Luckily with her, it does not matter which beebee she uses (I have several in different colors).

    I hope they do not out grow them too soon, because Momma’s gotten really attached to them too. Snuggling with my babies and their na-nights and beebees.

  15. My grandson, Nikolas, spends the night with me often. He is now 2 years old but bedtime has involved the same routine forever. As long as he has his “gankie, mulk, and fire” (Blanket, milk and pacifier)he can sleep anywhere! Of course, now he insists that I also get my “gankie, mulk and fire” and climb in beside him. That would make quite a picture – me with a pacifier in my mouth – what a Gam’s won’t do to ensure that … all is right in their world!

  16. here’s my tweet:
    IndyCookieAwesome contest at http://bit.ly/sQAnv for a chance to win a bedtime kit!!!

  17. my dearest little boy is a little over two. he has a very specific bedtime routine that he and his father cultivated. it begins: teeth brushing, family scripture reading, family prayer, kissy mommy and sister, upstairs to “kissy hippos” (the curtains in his room are made of IKEA lime green hippo fabric) then kissy daddy. then as he is laying down into his bed he says “knees” and daddy and son touch knees. then head, then elbows, then knuckles, then toes, or any other body part he can think of. when finally daddy is tired of bending over, he covers son in not 1, not 2 but 4 handmade quilts to the cries of “more blankies.” son also has 4 “friends” who must sleep with him, and sometimes a truck has to come too. after all of that it’s off to blissful slumber the whole night through.

  18. When my husband proposed to me he had a special pocket sewn into a stuffed dog toy to hide the ring. This dog I called “Danny” after my husband joined us in our marriage bed until our daughter Cloey was born two years later. I let Danny-dog sleep with Cloey as an infant, having read that babies will sleep more peacefully with mom’s scent nearby. She has grown quite attached and at 14 mos. snuggles her face down into his soft fur before settling down for each and every nap and night.

  19. I left the story of my daughter Claire. She has many, many, MANY bears and other random animals she likes to sleep with. Sometimes we have a hard time finding her! She has one special bear out of the whole bunch and it’s Mommy’s bear. Daddy gave Mommy the bear when they first started dating in college. I loved the bear and I miss him but more than missing him I love seeing my little girl cuddled up with him in her crib, on the couch in the car and everywhere else!


  20. My child needs her 3 b’s to sleep…Bottle, blankie (any blanket will work) and bear (which is actually a cookie monster).

  21. I tweeted it and am following also.

  22. I left a comment about how I always hum “you are my sunshine” while rocking Theo to bed and now that’s he’s a little bit older he knows our routine and willingly goes into his room, grabs his lovey and starts humming the song. He knows what’s coming next! So cute I could die.

  23. My husband and my twin girls make up stories every night and share them with each other. It amazes me how creative they all are. Me, I got nothin’.

  24. My3-year old has to – HAS TO – have her stuffed cow and horse. (They are creatively named “CowHorse” – one name, two stuffed animals. I don’t get it either but it works.) She also recently has been needing to hold on to a certain book to fall asleep, called “I Love You, Stinkyface.”

  25. k, so anyway, I was watching the ABC segment about teenage pregnancy. And, here I have to insert some more history…

    Side Bar – I rarely ever cry anymore. I don’t mean for this to see like I am pointing fingers but….I simply don’t cry. And for those of you who don’t read my Mental and Emotional Health blog, I have a therapist, a psychiatrist and I suffer from depression. At this point, I am apparently severely numbed by life. Because we don’t let our kids watch grown up tv, we dvr our crime shows and other that The View, that’s about all we watch. Still no crying. I couldn’t tell you the last time I cried at a funeral.

    So, with that, tonight I was watching the segment ABC on teenage pregnancy. The young girls on the show, or one girl in particular, had a set of twins. She had agreed to give the babies up for adoption. They showed her in the hospital and holding her babies. It was painful. The young girl was crying, holding her babies, talking to the adopting parents.

    I burst into tears as she handed one baby to the adopting mother and she handed that baby to the adopting father and then the birth mother handed the adopting mother the other baby. Oh the tears. I had one of my kids in my lap scratching his back and the other lying on the sofa beside me an I was…scratching his back as well.

    I realize that I am not a very good parent. I realized I haven’t really ever understood much about my own parents. I also realized that those teenagers make a very difficult decision.

    And, so I kept crying.

    Part one can be found http://www.momisteaching.com/parent-bashing-i-need-to-get-a-grip-part-one/

  26. My oldest was born with cataracts. My mom bought him a bear and brought it to the hospital when he was born. He went in for surgery when he was two and a half weeks old to remove the cataract. The doctors tell me he held on to that bear the whole time. Since then, teddy, as he calls the bear, has been through two other surgeries, multiple doctor appointments, and of course bed every night. There have been three nights in three years that we have not had teddy, and they have been sleepless nights. He will cry until he has teddy back. There have been nights (late late nights) that I have had to drive across town to pick up teddy from grandma’s house or wake up the babysitter so I can get teddy. Teddy is his peace of mind, his best friend, and comforter. He is better than mom at times and is there when mom can’t be, like in surgeries or when someone hurts his feelings. Teddy makes my world easier to deal with sometimes too!

  27. this was my entry:

    My daughter’s father was dead, and for a variety of reasons, she grieved alone. We had moved into much smaller digs. She was suddenly faced with all-day preschool, instead of the genteel three-hour version she was used to.

    Bedtime was a nightmare. She wouldn’t leave my bedroom. Wanted to sleep in my bed. Cried endlessly and tantrumed frequently.

    In short, she was completely normal after suffering a traumatic loss.

    But I was at the end of my rope, for I too had suffered. A different suffer than she had, but I needed my space at night and I was frantic to resolve this.

    Turning bedtime into a predictable and therefore comforting routine seemed like the only option.

    And so it began.

    Jammies. Teeth. Bedtime book — the same one night after night after night after night.

    Snuggles and kisses.

    And my final words as I tucked her in — words that I invented in desperation but that she and I still use with each other to this day, 11 precious years later:

    “I love you from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the sky … and all the way around the world.”

  28. i read to my daughter at night while curling up next to her. Sometimes we watcha movie. either way we are bonding and i’m showing her not to ba scared at night. i don’t stay there all night just til she falls asleep. it’s great mommy time.

  29. tweeted ya

  30. My daughters each have a “buddy” that were their nighttime friends since they were tiny. My oldest has a dog, Doggie, and the younger has a pink bear, Pink Bear. (We’re very original, here.)

    They’ve always taken their buddies with them when we sleep elsewhere, especially on overnights on their own, and neither has ever experienced a bad “homesick” night.

    I owe those stuffed creatures a lot.

    My oldest is starting to outgrow the attachment, and I think I’m less ready to give up her lovey than she is. I’m sure I should be proud of her confidence and maturity (and I am, when I’m feeling rational), but all I can see is my baby disappearing.

    Following, and tweeted (http://twitter.com/rabidcat/status/2560474371)

  31. We’re currently working on shortening our bedtime routine. Between a room full of 4 cribs and 4 differing opinions on stuff animals it takes FOREVER! And they change their minds, once they see a brother getting something they’d like better. Oh for Pete’s Sake!
    I’m thinking about taking every single animal in the house and boxing them up for a long vaction in Attic, USA.
    Someday it will be a sweet exchange of kisses and bedtime stories, right?

  32. Well, you already know about the whole underblanket fiasco of 2009…Isabella needs a blanket between her and her sheet…and it needs to be this super soft material, which, of course, MOVES every single time she does and then she needs me to come in and fix it. oh, fun…