It’s in the Book-Special Bedtime Apparatus #2

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I have a very distinct memory from when I was about five of sitting on our blue couch snuggled up against my mom while my sister practiced piano. We were reading from McGuffey’s reader and I got stuck on the double “o” sound. I don’t remember my mom ever really reading to me. But I do remember her teaching me to read. And I read to her.

Now that my daughter is getting closer and closer to starting kindergarten teaching her to read, or at least help her get a head start is really important to me, not only because it’s a memory I share with my mom, but also my moms patience (OH MY GOSH THE PATIENCE) that she put into helping me to learn how to read before I started school has benefited me my whole life.

Ever since my daughter was teeny I read to her. It has instilled a love of books into her and there’s nothing she loves more than reading stories before bedtime. When she was little and could care less about pictures I read the Harry Potter series to her. As she got older we moved to classic board books, The Runaway Bunny being one of my favorites. I can still recite it by heart and will probably be able to with my grandbabies. As she’s gotten older we’ve moved onto the more popular titles of today, Fancy Nancy, Skippyjon Jones and Mo Willems’ Pigeon (our favorite being Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! I even have voices I do when I read it.) But it’s also fun to read books with her that I remember reading as a kid, Strega Nona, Where the Wild Things are and Dr. Seuss.

Only recently has she started reading little words here and there on her own. Nighttime is a special time that we sit down and read. If she wants to read to me? I’m totally fine with that. If she wants me to read to her? I’m game. Sometimes we read together. She reads the words she knows and I read the rest.

Not much makes me happier than seeing her curled up in the corner of her bed in the morning reading to herself.

And not just because it means that I got to sleep in.

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16 responses to “It’s in the Book-Special Bedtime Apparatus #2

  1. queenofhaddock

    When I was little, my parents would always have prayer time with me and my brother together. Then we each went to our rooms and my parents would stand in the hallway between our rooms and sing. Always in perfect harmony. (We’re scarily similar to the vonTrapp family singers.)

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  3. Can I enter this one if I enter the first one? If I can here is my entry: Having been a primary elementary education teacher I knew even before I had kids how important reading would be. I bought books upon books before my daughter was born. I chose to stay home with her and leave my teaching position. One of the great things about this is I took all of my cherished classroom books with me. We have books upon books and even more books in storage to chose from. We also go to the library each week to pick out bedtime stories. Each night my husband or I read a story to our daughter and then we give her an opportunity to “read” it back to us. It is so great to see her take the picture walk through the book and tell us her story. It is also great for me to see how much of the story she comprehended and remembered. My son only one but we have already began this same bedtime tradition with him.

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  5. My girls have always loved books and being read to, and more recently, they love reading to each other. I have always been thrilled by their love of all things educational, because a love of learning is (in my opinion, of course) more important than the learning itself. You’re going to be learning things for the rest of your life, right? Might as well enjoy it!

    I was quite disappointed, then, when my son not only didn’t seem to appreciate my reading to him, but didn’t seem to want anything to do with books (aside from chewing the spines off.) My sweet, gentle girls passed on hundreds of books, and in the matter of an hour Godzilla destroyed several. How would he ever learn to love reading if I couldn’t even trust him no to eat the books?

    I’m thrilled to say that while he’s still a bit destructive (the furry dog is developing a bald patch), he’s really starting to appreciate being read to. He’s gone from immediately grabbing the book and throwing it at my head, to actually sitting to listen to most, if not all, of a book. And the absolute sweetest thing in the world is watching him pat and kiss the kitty in his favorite book, without once trying to taste it!

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  7. My mom used to snuggle up with my sister and I and read bedtime stories to us just before saying our prayers together. We always looked forward to our snuggle time with mom. Today, I do the same with my sons. We also talk about all of the day’s events.

  8. I have 3 boys under the age of 5, so bedtime can be quite hectic some nights. To ensure a smooth ending to the day, we always (try) to stick to the routine we’ve been doing since my oldest was a baby. First, we do a nice warm bath followed by a bedtime snack, brushing teeth, and a story. As my oldest two got to a certain age, they would cry when it was lights-out and whine to come out of their rooms. Instead of getting frustrated, I would go into each of their rooms and let them tell or ask me something about their day or about something they were looking forward too. That one-on-one time was just what was needed. We have since made it part of our nightly routine and as a result we hardly ever have any problems going to bed–which makes me one happy mom.

  9. At bedtime my child is able to settle down and process his thoughts for the day, I love this time as he starts to tell me things that were drowned out by the noise of the day etc. We have a worry or problem roundup at night where he can discuss what is on his mind and we can come up with ways of dispelling the fears or fixing the problem just to get all the worries out before sleep. I find out things I can help my son overcome and why he might be acting the way he is this way. And he trusts me with his fears and worries which makes me so happy.

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  11. I always hum Theo “You Are My Sunshine” while rocking him to bed. He’s 17 months old now and when it’s time for bed, after his bath and jammies, he will grab his blankie and put his head on the glider and start humming because he knows what comes next. I LOVE THAT. Makes me warm and fuzzy.

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  14. Title: Starry Starry Night
    My super active toddler used to think of sleep as a punishment until he discovered the Twilight Sea Turtle, a nightlight that projects a blue, green, or aqua starry night on the ceiling. When I tell him it’s time for bed, he starts playing with his bedtime buddy by pushing the buttons on the turtle shell and watching the changes in the “sky”. After some fun star gazing, he lies down beside the turtle, listens to me humming a lullaby or telling a story, and falls asleep with a smile on face. He must be savoring the special bedtime moment with mom and his new friend in dreamland.

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