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Sleeping Beauty, Special Bedtime Moment #4

***I have partnered with GoodNites® for this series of posts; I am being compensated for writing about my family’s bedtime routine, not for endorsing a product.***

I love sniffing my little kid when she is asleep.

I love when I can kiss her little sleeping hand and smell Play-Doh, kiss the back of her neck and smell the days sunscreen or kiss her hair and smell her sweet soft curls.

sleeping beauty

I could watch her sleep all night. There are times that I go into her room and just sit by her bed when I can’t sleep. I listen to her breathing, watch her toes twitch with dreams and sometimes even get to hear her talk in her sleep (seriously, the girl is a sleeping chatterbox.)

I look back at all those nights my husband and I dreaded, knowing she would either wake one of us or fight going down. While it has been hard that we haven’t been able to add to our family just yet I treasure that I have been able to spend so many nights dedicated to putting her to sleep, letting time with either my husband or me be how she ends the day. She has never had to crawl into bed alone and fall asleep. We have always gone in with her and it has become second nature to say “I love you my little princess, sleep well” as I walk out her door each night.

Sure maybe some people would say that we have spoiled her by having such a specific nighttime routine each night. But every night I put that little kid to bed she wakes up older the next day. I am blessed that I am able to be there at the end of each of her days and also be there at the beginning of each of her mornings.

I dearly hope that through this special bedtime moments opportunity you have had the chance to see bedtime as a treasured time, not one to fear or countdown the minutes to (although I am guilty of that.) Hopefully you maybe learned some tips on how to make bedtime easier, something that is anticipated rather than feared.

I know I have.


Monsters. Oddly enough, Special Bedtime Moment #3.

***I have partnered with GoodNites® for this series of posts; I am being compensated for writing about my family’s bedtime routine and for promoting this contest (last chance to win sweet stuff), not for endorsing a product.***

I wonder sometimes if our kids are a little too used to the concept of monsters under the bed.

I know mine is.

If I ask her what’s under her bed at bedtime she says “a box full of cords.”

That’s boring because she’s right. There is a box of cords under her bed that go to a whole mess of stuff but there’s really no logical place for them in our tiny little apartment. So they ended up under her bed.

Sorry kid.

With movies like Monsters, Inc. and books like “GO AWAY, BIG GREEN MONSTER!” and our newest and most favorite discovery, “I Need My Monster” a book about a boy whose under bed monster goes on vacation and he interviews for replacements, she’s never really had to fear what lurks under the bed.

Shadows on the other hand are her nemesis. It all started when a My Little Pony balloon started losing air in her room and became caught in the stream of air coming from a vent. It ever so slightly bumped agaist the wall occasionally causing my kid such trauma she can’t handle having another balloon in her room ever.

With summer here it’s easy to avoid shadow troubles because most nights she’s so pooped she falls asleep before the sun even sets. But on those nights we get home late it’s the “good night light” that keeps the shadows at bay. She became hooked on having a nightlight when we were on vacation last year at grandmas, and whatever grandma has? Is awesome.

As silly as it sounds to me some nights to have her afraid of shadows in my heart I’m grateful that shadows are all that scare her right now. There’s so many other scary things in this world to be afraid of, things I won’t be able to keep her safe from.

But shadows? I can totally take them.


Do you have special monster fighting abilities?

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