Monsters. Oddly enough, Special Bedtime Moment #3.

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I wonder sometimes if our kids are a little too used to the concept of monsters under the bed.

I know mine is.

If I ask her what’s under her bed at bedtime she says “a box full of cords.”

That’s boring because she’s right. There is a box of cords under her bed that go to a whole mess of stuff but there’s really no logical place for them in our tiny little apartment. So they ended up under her bed.

Sorry kid.

With movies like Monsters, Inc. and books like “GO AWAY, BIG GREEN MONSTER!” and our newest and most favorite discovery, “I Need My Monster” a book about a boy whose under bed monster goes on vacation and he interviews for replacements, she’s never really had to fear what lurks under the bed.

Shadows on the other hand are her nemesis. It all started when a My Little Pony balloon started losing air in her room and became caught in the stream of air coming from a vent. It ever so slightly bumped agaist the wall occasionally causing my kid such trauma she can’t handle having another balloon in her room ever.

With summer here it’s easy to avoid shadow troubles because most nights she’s so pooped she falls asleep before the sun even sets. But on those nights we get home late it’s the “good night light” that keeps the shadows at bay. She became hooked on having a nightlight when we were on vacation last year at grandmas, and whatever grandma has? Is awesome.

As silly as it sounds to me some nights to have her afraid of shadows in my heart I’m grateful that shadows are all that scare her right now. There’s so many other scary things in this world to be afraid of, things I won’t be able to keep her safe from.

But shadows? I can totally take them.


Do you have special monster fighting abilities?

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6 responses to “Monsters. Oddly enough, Special Bedtime Moment #3.

  1. Squeezing Together

    My son has never been a very good sleeper, and getting him to bed has always been a challenge. Finally, 5 years later, I think we have it down. We start with a countdown to bedtime (starting 1/2 hour before and telling him every few minutes how much more time he has). Then it’s upstairs for pjs and teeth brushing. Finally, my favorite time: books. He is finally starting to enjoy chapter books and there’s not much I love more than when we squeeze together on his twin sized bed and read and laugh together before going to sleep. Reading together is the perfect time to snuggle and talk. After we read, we talk about our day and what our plans are for the next day. It’s nearly the only time I get one on one time with him and we both look forward to it. I always leave his room with a smile on my face after a good talking and reading session.

    *I tweeted this!
    *Trying to follow Bedtimemoments, but twitter still borked. Will advise of success!! 🙂

  2. Dang it didn’t keep my story…I’ll give you the jist:

    Each night before bed we let the kids choose a couple of books for mom and dad to read to them, followed by prayer, then the kids get to choose a number of songs that we sing to them. During the songs we scratch their little backs and arms as their eyes blissfully droop off into dreamland. We have done this since they were babies and they are such cherished moments.

    Tweeted and followed.

  3. Hmmm… I’m tempted to say “MELATONIN” but that would just be wrong.

    I think the best part of bedtime is reading together, and seeing how excited my kids (4 and 2) are about reading and learning. We have a book that was half in Spanish (If I Had A Dragon) and I read it to them in Spanish and English, and now they know how to say “kite” and “bulldozer” in Spanish. Crazy. They’re like little sponges, especially during quiet times of the day, like bedtime.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  4. mommabird2345

    After my 19 mo old’s bath, she gets AHH LOTION (that’s how we say it) and jammies. After a little cup of milk it is time to say goodnight to Daddy and both of her Sissys. We go to her room, put on her sleepsack and turn on her music. It is a lullaby cd she has listened to since she was a tiny baby. She snuggles with her beebee and Momma gives her hugs and kisses. Goodnight baby.

  5. My kids have never had a problem with monsters, but there was a period of several months when my oldest was scared of the smoke detector. Like, she would come running into our room when she heard something (it was her father opening a bag of chips) telling us the smoke detector was beeping. She was even afraid of the little light that showed it was on.

    I’m still not quite sure how we talked her down from that one, but at some point, she just got over it.

    Tweeted and following!

  6. My entry over there: (still loading)

    Every night at bedtime we read a book, my son, my daughter and I. We alternate their rooms, though. Then, I tuck them in, give them a kiss and go back to my daughter’s room. I pick up her stuffed unicorn and stuffed puppy and we 3 prance around her bed. Then she whispers the magic words, they kiss her.. I kiss her and her dream spell is woven. No monsters, no nightmares.. just sparkles, fairies, rainbows and happiness. With the dream spells woven, she shuts her eyes and sleeps like a Princess.

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