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Electrolux, Ovaries and Lemonade.

***I write this post because mama loooves her Electrolux and wants one. Bad. I am not being compensated in any way.***

Maybe you read on my main blog that I just got a new house and requested that Electrolux appliances appear in the currently blank appliance spots in my new kitchen.

Electrolux Appliance Desire

I spend an unsavory amount of time in home stores opening and closing the doors of the Elextrolux fridge, THE LIGHTS COME ON GRADUALLY! Like every opening of the fridge is a CELEBRATION! The ovens have the most delicious sing song touch controls, HUNDREDS OF POSSIBILITIES. Dehydrate? Bread proof? Broil? IT. DOES. IT. ALL. Plus one model even has a little oven drawer at the bottom so you can simultaneously cook a pie and a turkey…my heart flutters at the thought.

When an email arrived about Electrolux’s Virtual Lemonade Stand Campaign benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund I naturally was all over it. The chance to win an Electrolux Stainless French Door Refrigerator with Perfect Temp Drawer and support Ovarian Cancer Research at the same time?

Kelly's Lemonade Stand

By opening up your own free virtual Lemonade Stand not only will Electrolux donate a dollar to OCRF, but friends and family will have the opportunity to buy virtual glasses of lemonade for as little as a dollar and all proceeds go to the OCRF and you’ll both be entered to win the fancy GLOWING LIGHTS french door fridge. (Here’s mine!)

You have until September 7th to enter!

(And Electrolux? You can still keep Kelly and I’ll just take the fridge. And maybe the lemonade.)


barefoot books, beyond moosh approved.

Do you have a Barefoot Book in your collection and you’re not quite sure where it came from but you wish you had more?

My mother in law gave my daugther Bear on a Bike over two years ago and while I knew the publisher was Barefoot Books I had never really seen (or looked) for more Barefoot Books. That is until I found out I have a friend who sells them!  She does it because she loves them. She and I had lunch and gushed over our mutual love of Barefoot’s dedication to the art of the children’s book.

the moosh’s and my current favorite? The Barefoot Book of Faeries. Not only does it have gorgeous illustrations, it includes an audio CD with all of the stories narrated (which in the car? LIFESAVER.)

We both want to share the glory of Barefoot Books with you, head on over to Kasey’s site, (YEP! We’re both named K/Casey!) peruse around and let us know what your favorite Barefoot Book is. Leave it in the comments (with a valid email address) and you’ll be entered to win a $20 credit to Kasey’s Barefoot Books site.

Twitter for an extra entry.

Entries closed at midnight EST Tuesday, June 16th.

(Disclaimer: I was not paid by Barefoot Books for this post. I love them for free.)

Celebrate Summer, Win an Ice Cream Social from Dreyer’s/Edy’s®

**This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Dreyer’s/Edy’s® Slow Churned Neighborhood Salute**

Three years ago I figured that living next to one other family with young children in my new situation (halfway across the country in order for my husband to attend law school.) should be considered a blessing. We found our apartment through a  recommendation from them and were completely unaware until we moved here that our entire complex of apartments is filled with young families in similar situations. Whether it be dental school, law school, medical school or any other graduate program we were able to relate to each other and help each other through tests, graduations and board exams.

For more, head over to this review’s new home at Moosh In Indy.  All the comments have been moved over as well!

Fridgidaire Mother Load Contest.

It’s no secret if you’re a regular reader that I love to fold laundry.

There’s even a monthly holiday in my house, fabric softener day.

Guess what you have to have to get good smelling clean laundry to fold?

A washer and dryer.

The fancier the washer and dryer? The better. (In my own humble laundry loving opinion.) The more sing song the buttons? The shinier the glossy exterior? The more whooshy the washing sounds? The more efficient the dryer? The more clean the clothes?


I do love my washer and dryer. Sure some of the buttons don’t work and they for sure don’t sing, but my clothes come out clean!

But guess what? (come closer) I’m getting a new (to me) house. Which means someday I’ll get to get new appliances. Like a new washer and dryer. *swoon*

Did you know that Fridgidaire has come screaming back onto the market with appliances that come with a PROMISE that you’ll get at least 8 hours back in a month? It’s called the More Me-Time Guarantee. And it’s AWESOME. Seriously, if you don’t get more me time? You can return the appliance for the full purchase price within 30 days.

So here’s what Frigidaire is telling me, your laundry won’t take as long, but you’ll be able to do more faster.

My heart is racing just thinking about those 15 different wash cycles.

What would you do with an extra hour? Frigidaire wants to know. I chose actually doing my hair, taking a nap, reading more and dancing more. Go to the Mother Load and take their 5 things quiz and let the world know what you’d do with more me time and less dish/laundry/cooking/cleaning/scrubbing time.

The best part of the Mother Load site? The tag cloud to the right highlighting what everyone else would to with their time. The three word used the most throughout everyones answers? TAKE. MY. TIME.

Not only will you get to think about yourself for a minute, you’ll be entered to win Fridgidaire appliances that will SAVE. YOU. TIME.