Fridgidaire Mother Load Contest.

It’s no secret if you’re a regular reader that I love to fold laundry.

There’s even a monthly holiday in my house, fabric softener day.

Guess what you have to have to get good smelling clean laundry to fold?

A washer and dryer.

The fancier the washer and dryer? The better. (In my own humble laundry loving opinion.) The more sing song the buttons? The shinier the glossy exterior? The more whooshy the washing sounds? The more efficient the dryer? The more clean the clothes?


I do love my washer and dryer. Sure some of the buttons don’t work and they for sure don’t sing, but my clothes come out clean!

But guess what? (come closer) I’m getting a new (to me) house. Which means someday I’ll get to get new appliances. Like a new washer and dryer. *swoon*

Did you know that Fridgidaire has come screaming back onto the market with appliances that come with a PROMISE that you’ll get at least 8 hours back in a month? It’s called the More Me-Time Guarantee. And it’s AWESOME. Seriously, if you don’t get more me time? You can return the appliance for the full purchase price within 30 days.

So here’s what Frigidaire is telling me, your laundry won’t take as long, but you’ll be able to do more faster.

My heart is racing just thinking about those 15 different wash cycles.

What would you do with an extra hour? Frigidaire wants to know. I chose actually doing my hair, taking a nap, reading more and dancing more. Go to the Mother Load and take their 5 things quiz and let the world know what you’d do with more me time and less dish/laundry/cooking/cleaning/scrubbing time.

The best part of the Mother Load site? The tag cloud to the right highlighting what everyone else would to with their time. The three word used the most throughout everyones answers? TAKE. MY. TIME.

Not only will you get to think about yourself for a minute, you’ll be entered to win Fridgidaire appliances that will SAVE. YOU. TIME.


TOMS shoes, totally moosh approved.

Have you seen the AT&T commercial with the handsome man handing out shoes to little kids all over the world?

If you missed it let me direct you to the site that has the same handsome man putting shoes onto the feet of cute little children all over the world.

The handsome man is Blake Mycoskie and in 2006 he came up with TOMS shoes, and for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased a pair will go to a child in need anywhere in the world.

One for one.

HOORAY! Shoes that do good things! But deep down I know that someone out there is thinking, well sure, buying a pair of shoes will help some kid, but I don’t want to be stuck with some shoes I don’t like even if it did help some kid I’ll never meet. (Of COURSE that person isn’t any of MY readers, y’all are a bunch of generous loving givers.)

Here’s the good news.

I have never (NEVER!) owned a more comfortable pair of shoes. And I’ve tried them all, KEENS, Merrels, Chacos, Crocs, Nikes…blah blah…the list goes on. And while I love every pair of shoes I own for one reason or another my canvas TOMS feel like putting a hug on my feet. When I first got them they felt a little tight, but after a few days they conformed to my feet, it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being able to go barefoot everywhere I go.

If you’ve seen me recently then you’ve seen my TOMS, they’re all I wear.

You know what they feel like?

Ballet slippers.

Flexible, snug, huggish.


And in most cases they’re even vegan.


Buy these shoes. (For yourself, your husband, your wife, your children, your neighbors…)

Not only will you get an unbearably comfortable cute pair of shoes, you’ll help a sweet little kid who will depend on their pair of shoes more than you and I can ever imagine.

Fly Boy

Sesame Street LIVE. I’ve lived it. I love it.

Remember when I was at BlogHer last year and I rubbed furry blue elbows with Grover and fuzzy pink noses with Abby Cadabby?

Well, you may not, BUT I DO. And not only because I cry from sheer joy every time I think about the experience. Abby actually CALLED. MY. KID. and left her a message telling her to always believe in her dreams. Grover and I made a DVD for her.



Sesame Street has held my heart forever, and I’ll take it in whatever form I can get it.

Sesame Street Live, When Elmo Grows Up!

Sesame Street Live is coming into town (not just Indianapolis, all over the place! Check the schedule here!) with a new show, “When Elmo Grows Up.” What does it say about me that I want to be a muppet when I grow up?

The details:

Sesame Street Live, “When Elmo Grows Up”

Thursday April 2nd-Sunday April 5th

Murat Theatre 502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis

Tickets are exclusively available at, the Murat Centre Box Office, charge by phone at 877-598-8703 or at participating Blockbuster ® stores.

SHOW SYNOPSIS:T/M © 2009. Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

T/M © 2009. Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

When Elmo and his Sesame Street Live friends think about growing up, it’s a musical show-and-tell!  Bert dreams of becoming a forest ranger, Telly longs to be a cowboy and their newest friend, Abby Cadabby, wants to be a fairy godmother just like her mommy.  Elmo thinks about becoming a ‘weather monster,’ but has a hard time predicting his own forecast—he wants to be anything and everything all at once!  “When Elmo Grows Up” includes lessons on perseverance, teamwork and the power of imagination.  Children learn that if they believe in themselves and are willing to try, the possibilities are endless.

You want to go don’t you? Even you over there without a kid. I see you over there checking your calendar.

Don’t forget you can get $2 off ticket prices by using the code “OSCAR” when purchasing your tickets online.

Suuuuuunny days, chasing the clooooouuuddsss away….


M&M’s Premiums, not your daddy’s beans.

****comments closed. contest over. congratulations to Baby Cowen! Don’t hog em all!****

In high school we had this really lame way of asking people to dances. You had to somehow hide your name in something with a theme and sneak your masterpiece to the askee without them knowing. 

His name was Jay.

I wanted so badly to ask him to fall fling. With it being my first time asking I knew I had to impress him with my asking skills, because he was like, so way, like, out of my league. (Oy, high school.)

I bought three huge bags of Starburst candies, opened five and put a letter of my name on each. I then sealed them back up, put a star sticker on EVERY SINGLE STARBURST, wrapped them in a box with the words “You’d better thank your lucky stars someone wants to ask you to fall fling. Search the stars to find out who I am.”

GAH! With the cheese right?

I had the football coach leave it in his locker for him to find after practice. I figured a room full of boys could make pretty quick work of 500 tiny wrapped candies.

Long story short, he found out who I was, said yes in an equally cheesy manner and we went to the dance and most definitely did NOT live happily ever after.

The end.

However, with the Starburst Prom of ’01 began my long history of telling people things with food. Do you remember the Full House episode where Becky tries to tell Uncle Jesse she’s pregnant with a dinner of BABY carrots, BABY corn and BABY back ribs? I may have tried to do something like that but just as Uncle Jesse was oblivious, my husband would have been even more so.

When M&M’s came out with customizable beans (side note, in our house M&M’s are called daddy beans by my four year old) the thought crossed my mind that I could someday tell him I was pregnant by way of his favorite melt in your mouth not in your hand snack.


I love the man, but he’d never notice. He’d shovel them in so fast he’d have no time to taste them let alone read them.

So tell me, have you ever told anyone anything through food? Was it a success or a complete flop?

Oh, why should you tell me?

Because M&M’s outdid themselves with their new line of chocolates, M&M’s Premiums.  Five flavors, five colors and nom nom nom. M&M’s and BlogHer want to give you a chance to try all five, and they’re so confident that they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium (okay so I say they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium) they’re also going to include two martini glasses and some wine charms to go along with your chocolates. 


M&M's Premiums Prize Pack

With my blog as my witness I will never serve Jordan Almonds again.
The prettiest M I ever did see.
They’re metallic, shiny, marbled, amazing.

If they didn’t stand the chance of melting I would make a necklace out of them.

They’re bigger than regular M&M’s, and (sorry Mars, I’m sure you already know this) soo way better. The Raspberry Almond? Huminah. The Mint? Oh, baby. Mocha? Oy. Triple chocolate (YES, THREE LAYERS OF CHOCOLATE IN ONE BEAN) I’m speechless. Then there’s the almond, sorry Peanut M&M’s you’ve been schooled.

Put a bowl of regular M&M’s next to finger food at a cocktail party and you’re going to look a little silly. Put a bowl of M&M’s premiums next to your bacon wrapped asparagus? People are going to think you have connections with the Chocolate Gods.

So tell me. How to you talk through food? Because I want you to win these so they can talk to all your friends and have them say “This lady (or dude) has GOOD taste.”

To enter, leave me a comment below and share your story – or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Monday, February 9th, and will end Sunday, February 15th at 11:59 p.m (PST). Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct. (E-mail address will remain private.)
No duplicate comments.
This giveaway is open to U.S. residents. (Sorry Canada! Viva Smarties!)
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
The winner will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
See the official rules for details.

While you’re at it, why not head over for more ridiculousness at my regular blog,

You deserve a pretty laptop. Here’s why.

While on a conference call with HP the topic of price difference between the regular HP Mini 1000 and the Vivienne Tam Edition came up. And to put the answer as bluntly as possible?
Yes it costs more because was designed by Vivienne Tam herself.
And Vivienne Tam is a big deal.
I’m going to interrupt this post here to say that within three minutes of pulling Vivienne out at my hair appointment, four people have complimented me on it. (Like I had anything to do with how pretty it is, if anything I’m getting my hair done to match the pretty of this little thing.)
There was concern among some of the other reviewers that this notebook was being marketed for fashion and not for function.
It is.
For as fashionable an accessory the Vivienne Tam Mini is, it is equally as functional. HP figured out functionality before they built on appearance. The keyboard is 92% the size of a regular keyboard. The track pad has all the features of a full sized track pad. It has a built in webcam, microphone and great speakers. The battery life is substantial depending on your use. It is fast, waaay faster than my PC laptop at home. It stays cool and quiet. Blah blah blah, techie stuff techie stuff techie stuff.
The point is, it works, and it works really well.
It just happens to also be very, very unique. And shiny. So shiny.
Imagine if you just had your toes painted the most brilliant glossy color of red.
That’s what it looks like. And feels like.
I’m not a fashion maven, there are others using the VT Mini who are. I’m also not a techie, again, there are other women who are using it that are techies. And we can all agree on one thing, it’s a fantastic little machine.
For many of you this would be a luxury item, you would  need to have a unique lifestyle not to qualify it as such. If you have kids, think of the amount of things we as parents purchase because of how they look. Sure the red Dixie cups would work just as well as the ones with Cinderella or Thomas the Train on them, but many of us pay the two dollar difference for the cups that will  make our child more excited for their birthday party.
The cups are will be thrown away.
A laptop is an investment.
How many times do we pay an extra dollar for the striped placemat instead of the plain one? The extra soft toilet paper instead of the one ply?  For cheese on your burger? A side of soup?
All things that won’t last. That won’t get used over and over.
If there’s a  secret part of you that wants to ask for a shiny, glossy, red laptop with purple peonies and gold lettering for Valentine’s Day or your birthday? Ask. You deserve things that you get more excited about what you  love to do too.

Hi, I’m a Mac. And a PC.

About two months ago I won a brand new shiny Macbook from an online contest. (I know, jealousy abounds, blah blah. I was just at the right place at the right time.)
Given that I previously used a Dell laptop approximately the size of a tortoise I became a Mac even before the sweet strains of Mac email alerts even started up. (WHOOSH!)

While looking around and being involved in this Vivienne Tam campaign I’m noticing a lot of you Macs out there considering coming over to the dark side the HP Mini. Even my web designer who claims there’s better ways to die than work on a PC admits he would like an HP Mini.

I’m here to tell all of you loyal Macs who covet the HP mini…it’s okay. Your mac will forgive you.

mac and PC for world peace.

While I carry an enormous purse that can fit my Macbook, it’s not always uh, smart. It’s not very often that I have to sit down and make movies or edit photos when I’m out and about. I do however have to check email. And forums, and blogs and I have to write on my own blog. Sometimes I want to chat with my mom through Skype.

I’ve come to accept the fact that 90% of my work life happens online, and if online isn’t accessible? Uh, sadly enough I don’t have much of a work life.

The only thing I’d transfer from my Macbook to my HP Mini? The new Mac glass trackpad.

And it wouldn’t hurt if my Macbook was red with purple peonies all over it, maybe my husband would touch it less.

Whatever, he loves this little red jewel.


Howdy, I’m Casey of moosh in indy.

This here is my review blog.

If this post is up it means that my review blog is still in it’s underwear.

Please pardon it’s, uh, sparse appearance.

I’ll be telling you what to buy, what not to buy and why.

First up?

This little beauty, the exclusive Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000 XP Edition.

Vivienne Tam HP Mini

For a person who conducts all their business online? It’s a dream come true. Light, compact and pretty. Less than 2.5 pounds and much more user friendly than one of those really popular phones that has apple seeds for keys. Oddly enough this is the first time I’ve actually been able to write from it, my daughter thinks it’s hers because it’s small and covered with flowers. My husband (a former weightlifter) can’t keep his grubby hands off of it. He’s even nicknamed it “pinky.”