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Celebrate Summer, Win an Ice Cream Social from Dreyer’s/Edy’s®

**This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Dreyer’s/Edy’s® Slow Churned Neighborhood Salute**

Three years ago I figured that living next to one other family with young children in my new situation (halfway across the country in order for my husband to attend law school.) should be considered a blessing. We found our apartment through a  recommendation from them and were completely unaware until we moved here that our entire complex of apartments is filled with young families in similar situations. Whether it be dental school, law school, medical school or any other graduate program we were able to relate to each other and help each other through tests, graduations and board exams.

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M&M’s Premiums, not your daddy’s beans.

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In high school we had this really lame way of asking people to dances. You had to somehow hide your name in something with a theme and sneak your masterpiece to the askee without them knowing. 

His name was Jay.

I wanted so badly to ask him to fall fling. With it being my first time asking I knew I had to impress him with my asking skills, because he was like, so way, like, out of my league. (Oy, high school.)

I bought three huge bags of Starburst candies, opened five and put a letter of my name on each. I then sealed them back up, put a star sticker on EVERY SINGLE STARBURST, wrapped them in a box with the words “You’d better thank your lucky stars someone wants to ask you to fall fling. Search the stars to find out who I am.”

GAH! With the cheese right?

I had the football coach leave it in his locker for him to find after practice. I figured a room full of boys could make pretty quick work of 500 tiny wrapped candies.

Long story short, he found out who I was, said yes in an equally cheesy manner and we went to the dance and most definitely did NOT live happily ever after.

The end.

However, with the Starburst Prom of ’01 began my long history of telling people things with food. Do you remember the Full House episode where Becky tries to tell Uncle Jesse she’s pregnant with a dinner of BABY carrots, BABY corn and BABY back ribs? I may have tried to do something like that but just as Uncle Jesse was oblivious, my husband would have been even more so.

When M&M’s came out with customizable beans (side note, in our house M&M’s are called daddy beans by my four year old) the thought crossed my mind that I could someday tell him I was pregnant by way of his favorite melt in your mouth not in your hand snack.


I love the man, but he’d never notice. He’d shovel them in so fast he’d have no time to taste them let alone read them.

So tell me, have you ever told anyone anything through food? Was it a success or a complete flop?

Oh, why should you tell me?

Because M&M’s outdid themselves with their new line of chocolates, M&M’s Premiums.  Five flavors, five colors and nom nom nom. M&M’s and BlogHer want to give you a chance to try all five, and they’re so confident that they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium (okay so I say they will be the dinner mint of the next millennium) they’re also going to include two martini glasses and some wine charms to go along with your chocolates. 


M&M's Premiums Prize Pack

With my blog as my witness I will never serve Jordan Almonds again.
The prettiest M I ever did see.
They’re metallic, shiny, marbled, amazing.

If they didn’t stand the chance of melting I would make a necklace out of them.

They’re bigger than regular M&M’s, and (sorry Mars, I’m sure you already know this) soo way better. The Raspberry Almond? Huminah. The Mint? Oh, baby. Mocha? Oy. Triple chocolate (YES, THREE LAYERS OF CHOCOLATE IN ONE BEAN) I’m speechless. Then there’s the almond, sorry Peanut M&M’s you’ve been schooled.

Put a bowl of regular M&M’s next to finger food at a cocktail party and you’re going to look a little silly. Put a bowl of M&M’s premiums next to your bacon wrapped asparagus? People are going to think you have connections with the Chocolate Gods.

So tell me. How to you talk through food? Because I want you to win these so they can talk to all your friends and have them say “This lady (or dude) has GOOD taste.”

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